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Introducing VMware Cloud with Tanzu services, an easy path to enterprise-grade Kubernetes

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce VMware Cloud with Tanzu services to millions of IT admins around the globe, so they could modernize vSphere-based workloads on a fully managed infrastructure. 

Tanzu services will consist of a portfolio of managed Kubernetes services for an easy path to enterprise-grade deployments and management for accelerating application modernization initiatives. VMware Cloud with Tanzu services is a win-win for customers looking for a unified platform, which is multi-cloud ready and offers a Kubernetes based Infrastructure and Container as a Service. 

VMware Cloud with Tanzu services

Before I share more about VMware Cloud with Tanzu services, I encourage all readers to hear VMware CTO Kit Colbert in this video on his strategic point of view on how we are accelerating the careers of IT admins into the future with this announcement.

The first benefit of VMware Cloud is to empower IT admins to become Kubernetes Operators using the familiar vCenter server interface in an easy and simplified manner.By visiting the VMware Cloud console, IT admins will be able to quickly deliver a Kubernetes-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service to developer teams and without the need to manage underlying SDDC infrastructure. Admins will be able to provide enterprise-grade Kubernetes clusters that are more secure, upstream compliant and isolated from one another, within a few minutes.

Level-up IT admins to Kubernetes operators

The managed Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service, which is one of the Tanzu services, will enable admins to provision Tanzu Kubernetes clusters within a few minutes using a simple, fast, and self-service experience in the VMware Cloud console. 

  • The underlying SDDC infrastructure and capacity required for Kubernetes workloads is fully managed by VMware. Use vCenter Server for managing containerized workloads by deploying Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters, provisioning role-based access and allocating capacity for Developer teams. 
  • One can manage multiple TKG clusters as namespaces with observability, troubleshooting and resiliency in vCenter Server.

Secondly, customers will be able to leverage the VMware Cloud to deliver a multi-cloud Kubernetes management plane to Platform Operators or SREs in your organization using Tanzu Mission Control Essentials. 

Centralize Platform Operations

If your organization has already begun Kubernetes deployments through native cloud providers, or if you are looking to begin now, Tanzu Mission Control Essentials will allow you to increase security, governance and operational efficiency of all your Kubernetes clusters by managing them centrally and at scale.

  • Using the built-in support for Tanzu Mission Controls Essentials, platform operators can provision and manage the lifecycle of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters centrally and/or attach any conformant Kubernetes clusters running anywhere for centralized management. 
  • Tanzu Mission Control provides global visibility across clusters and clouds and increases security and governance by automating operational tasks such as access and security management at scale.

Lastly, developers access virtualized infrastructure through Kubernetes APIs, and ship applications quickly by focusing on development and scalability, as opposed to spending time on operations, security, and governance. Whereas IT teams can provision capacity elastically to multiple developer teams without managing underlying infrastructure. 

Modernize on a Unified Platform

In effect, VMware Cloud will allow unified management of VMs and containers on familiar vCenter server interface in an easy and simplified manner. Additionally, Platform Operations will be able to centralize operations for Kubernetes clusters in synchronization with IT admins who view the same Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters on vCenter server. The underlying capabilities unlocked by a multi-cloud Kubernetes based IaaS and CaaS can be found below:

  • Unify operations, tools and teams for better economics and ROI on application and infrastructure investments. 
  • Move Kubernetes clusters between on-premises and public cloud infrastructure using VMware Cloud. 
  • More securely run and manage modern workloads, alongside enterprise ones using the VMware Cloud console and deploying and consuming Kubernetes as a service.

Next Steps

Visit the VMworld keynote and sessions under resources to learn more on how to accelerate your journey to application modernization using VMware Cloud with Tanzu services.

If you are interested in a technical blog from Eric Shanks to dig deeper, visit this blog to learn about how the VMware Cloud console could be used to become a Kubernetes operator or how platform operators could use Tanzu Mission Control Essentials to centralize platform operations.

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