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VMworld 2021: Building a Modern Marketplace Together

Two years ago, at VMworld 2019, we launched VMware Cloud Marketplace – a platform to enable discovery and deployment of third-party and open-source content directly to VMware environments. Last year, we took the Marketplace to the next level by consolidating our catalog with that of the VMware Solution Exchange – a third-party and first-party solution discovery portal. Together, the combined catalogs were renamed the VMware Marketplace, which now represents the one-stop shop for third-party, open-source and even first-party ecosystem solutions for all VMware products.

VMware Marketplace empowers application developers, DevOps managers, IT admins, security admins and many others through a robust catalog of solutions that can be discovered, tried, and deployed directly through the service. With over 2,100 validated and secure solutions, customers can choose from solutions that span across categories such as Security, DevOps, and Management & Monitoring, and form factors such as OVAs, containers, and management packs.

Until this point, the Marketplace has been a platform to discover, try and deploy solutions. To enable our customers to truly leverage the new enterprise marketplace-driven software economy, we have now added a key piece of the puzzle to our offering. We are proud to announce that we will be launching commercial transactability – buy and sell capabilities on VMware Marketplace at VMworld 2021.

We have worked diligently with our design partners to create a seamless purchase experience for our customers seeking a validated solutions ecosystem for their VMware environments. With this new capability, our customers can now build great applications using solutions that they discover, try, buy, and deploy right from VMware Marketplace.

Join Us and Our Key Design Partners at VMworld 2021

Join us during VMworld 2021 for our VMware Marketplace partner panel: The Rise of B2B Marketplaces and the Role of VMware Marketplace (VI1460). In this session, we will speak with selected partners that are working with us in designing and launching commercial transactability on the VMware Marketplace. Attend our session to learn more from our guest speakers about the importance of maintaining a robust solutions ecosystem and how their solutions on VMware Marketplace help solve key customer challenges.

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