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Mitel Accelerates Time to Market with Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine continues to drive profitable customer outcomes throughout the Cloud journey.  I would like to share the latest customer success story featuring Mitel.

Mitel is a leading global provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions.  Mitel’s headquarters in Canada is committed to constant improvement and innovation to service their 70 million business users.  In addition, Mitel desired to reduce application complexity, service gaps, and customer complaints in boost customer satisfaction and growth.  Rick Cirigliano, SVP of Mitel Cloud Operations, explains, “we started looking into cloud services to overcome these issues, outsource non-core competency activities, and leverage more advanced IT infrastructure and services.”  After a careful evaluation period, Mitel decided on Google Cloud as a critical component of their digital transformation.

 One of Mitel’s first hurdles was to migrate their existing services and workloads without disrupting service delivery to their customers, a tall order for IT teams if left only to legacy technologies.  Google Cloud VMware Engine was the ideal solution for Mitel to “lift and shift” its operations to the Google Cloud environment – quickly, without compromising Mitel Quality of Service (QoS).  By leveraging Google Cloud VMware Engine, Mitel was able immediately begin their Cloud migration journey at a 200 virtual machine (VM) per week pace.  Thanks to increased capacity and the ability for Mitel to integrate Google Cloud Services with Google Cloud VMware, Engine, Mitel was able to realize quantifiable business results:

  • Quadrupled capacity to complete projects
  • 85% reduction in customer service response times
  • Substantial improvements in global SLA compliance

 Mitel is now poised to become, “a true one-stop shop for UCaaS solutions,” said Rick Cirigliano.  Mitel has established successful blueprint to reap the rewards of its Cloud migration journey and it is a journey other customers can follow, regardless of their industry.  As the companies of all sizes and industries stive to become more agile, more knowledgeable of its customer base, and poised for growth, Google Cloud VMware Engine present a unique opportunity for customers to rapidly modernize and position themselves for even greater success.

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