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Does Your Multi-Cloud Strategy Include an Enterprise Data Strategy?

VMware and Accenture recently expanded our partnership with the launch of a dedicated new business group, Accenture VMware Business Group, to help organizations adopt a cloud-first strategy—accelerating migration to the cloud, building modern apps more rapidly, and using the cloud as a foundation for innovation and new business models, ultimately realizing greater value.

I recently sat down with Philippe Chauffard, Senior Managing Director for the Accenture Infrastructure Engineering Business to discuss the Accenture VMware Business Group, trends toward multi-cloud and the importance of enterprise data in the cloud. We both agreed that there is a huge opportunity for us to help our clients as part of their cloud journeys, to rapidly take their data and move it to the cloud environments where they can take advantage of the machine learning and advanced analytics to extract insights and accelerate business outcomes.

Accenture VMware Business Group

The formation of this business group represents the highest level of partnership within Accenture. Both VMware and Accenture have invested in joint go-to-market, development of new offerings and accelerators to help clients scale, operate and innovate their business to create more value.

Trend toward multi-cloud

Our clients’ journey to the cloud has taken a lot of pivots, from customers unsure of their cloud strategy due to security and operating model concerns to realizing they are late in their transformation efforts and now feel an urgency to get to the cloud and finally to the realization that they need a multi-cloud strategy to realize the greatest value for their business. Accenture’s own study of their clients found that 75% have a hybrid cloud approach and more than 90% have a multi-cloud strategy.

Data in the cloud

Philippe talks about how most companies have their data locked in legacy, on-premises platforms that are often siloed, making it difficult to find, access and use data to gain insights. In essences, the data significantly diminishes in value or loses its value altogether. Moving that data in a thoughtful and strategic manner to the cloud will be critical for clients to use all their primary and secondary data to more effectively compete in the market, quickly adapt to market forces, and foster innovation.

Accenture and VMware bring together our world-class teams and expertise for the collective benefit of our mutual clients. Take the next step!

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