Cloud Migration

Announcing VMware Cloud Migration Tools Whitepaper

[Update] The VMware Cloud Migration Tools Whitepaper was updated on May 3rd to reflect received feedback

When it comes to VMware Cloud customers have a choice of different providers to choose from, such as VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, and more. The best part is you also continue to use the same knowledge and skills you’ve obtained in your on-premises environment in the public cloud. Once your workloads have been migrated to a VMware Cloud, the next step is application assessment and modernization. But we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves; we first need to focus on how our workloads will be migrating.

All workloads are not created equal! Part of the workload assessment and migration planning process includes an understanding of the different tools and migration types that are available. In addition, you’ll need to understand your business’s goals, timelines, and service level agreements to determine which tool or migration type should be used. For example, you may have production workloads that cannot afford any downtime and will need to migrated live, while your Dev/Test workloads can afford downtime using cold migration. To help provide guidance, we are happy to announce the VMware Cloud Migration Tools whitepaper.

This whitepaper covers the different migration strategies, types, and tools available to successfully migrate your workloads to a given VMware Cloud. The migration tools listed span from native VMware offerings to 3rd party solutions. Please keep in mind this not an exhaustive list, and it’s based on solutions that we have seen from our customers, field, and partners on how they are leveraging them to migrate workloads to VMware Cloud. Also included is information about the various VMware Clouds and resources to learn more.

You can download this new whitepaper here. We also want to hear more from you, send us your feedback or comments about the whitepaper, and also tell us about your cloud migration journey and what tools you’ve used by emailing