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Part 5: See How Customers Are Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

Looking to rapidly migrate to the cloud? Scale cost-effectively and strengthen disaster recovery? You’re not alone. Here’s how organizations are unlocking the power of hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS.


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Organizations across different industries continue to benefit from hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. Their goals are to increase agility, improve business continuity, scale cost-effectively and rapidly migrate or extend to the public cloud with an integrated, highly available and secure solution.

In this blog, we’ll share more of our customers’ stories and their experiences across various use cases, the business outcomes and how VMware Cloud on AWS helped them overcome the challenges of implementing a hybrid cloud.

Scale beyond on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud

IHS Markit 

IHS Markit is a global leader in information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. With more than 5,000 analysts, data scientists, financial experts and industry specialists, their information expertise spans numerous industries, including leading positions in finance, energy and transportation.

“VMware Cloud on AWS helps us build on our success with VMware in our private, on-premises environment and cost-effectively extend services to a global hybrid cloud.”
– Ben Tanner, Director of Cloud Enablement, IHS Markit

Get more details about IHS Markit’s experience in this summary.


ZOZO Technologies is the platform developer of ZOZOTOWN, the largest online fashion store in Japan. With the infrastructure supporting ZOZOTOWN built around an on-premises environment, coping with the winter sale – which generates the highest amount of traffic each year – was a challenge. Therefore, the company expanded its existing environment with VMware Cloud on AWS, which has excellent compatibility with conventional infrastructure, and moved to a pay-as-you-go system. 

“Expanding our data center to the cloud was a huge challenge for us. By using VMware Cloud on AWS, we not only successfully survived our winter sale, which has the highest volume of traffic each year, but our company also accumulated knowledge that we’ll be able to use in the future.”
– Nobuhiko Watanabe ZOZO-SRE Team Leader, SRE Department, Technology Development Division, ZOZO Technologies, Inc.

Read more about ZOZO’s success in this summary.

Rapidly migrate to the public cloud

IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank’s vision to provide best-in-class digital banking services required the right technology support to achieve industry dominance. VMware’s solutions helped the bank get centralized control over its applications, hosted either on-premises or in the public cloud. This increased the bank’s agility to deliver business outcomes and consumer applications with a mobile-first strategy, keeping the employee experience in mind. VMware helped IndusInd Bank deploy a hybrid cloud, running on both on-premises infrastructure and VMware Cloud on AWS.

“To create a robust platform for our evolving digital experience capabilities, we needed a scalable and agile solution that could handle a significant increase in customer transactions in both assisted and direct channels. For mission-critical workloads, VMware Cloud on AWS allowed us to enhance the on-premise private cloud set-up, with the flexibility to scale up on demand across private clouds in AWS and on-premise, thereby ensuring that we leverage the proven capabilities of scale with consistency and availability for our businesses.”
– Biswabrata Chakravorty, CIO, IndusInd Bank

Get more details about IndusInd Bank’s experience in this case study.


ZENRIN DataCom Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese map publisher. To develop a consistent hybrid cloud IT infrastructure, the company adopted VMware Cloud on AWS. They’re now benefiting from simplified hybrid operations and expect reduced server costs.

“There will be cumulative cost benefits as more services are offered on VMware Cloud on AWS. Without VMware Cloud on AWS, our development costs may have been double or triple!”
– Masayoshi Oku, Director and Executive Officer, Engineering Division, ZENRIN DataCom

Learn more about ZENRIN DataCom’s story.

Strengthen Disaster Recovery

888 Holdings

888 Holdings Public Limited Company (888) is one of the world’s most popular online gaming entertainment and solutions providers. 888’s headquarters and main operations are in Gibraltar, and the company has licenses in Gibraltar, the U.K., Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Romania, and the U.S. 

888 wants to reduce customer ‘churn’. It operates in a market with little brand loyalty and wants to enhance the end-user experience. It also wants to leverage big data to stay competitive. The company also must cope with the unexpected. The U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) has impacted where data can be held. 888 needed to move workloads from its data center in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, to a new center somewhere in the EU. VMware Cloud on AWS enables 888 Holdings to rapidly extend, migrate and protect its VMware environment in the AWS public cloud. 

“VMware Cloud on AWS means we have a disaster recovery site that is on-call only when we need it – we’re not paying for it when it’s at rest.”
– Eran Elbaz, CIO, 888 Holdings

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EMPLOYERS strives to meet the needs of its small business insurance policyholders while working to bolster the long-term success of its thousands of appointed agents, many running small businesses of their own. After experiencing new growth of 29 percent in 2018 during its 105th year in business, EMPLOYERS needed to ensure its IT environment would continue to support evolving business needs. In particular, the company’s strategic plans included rolling out new capabilities centered on improving the agent and end-customer experience to help foster the organization’s growth and retention goals.

They selected VMware solutions for the underpinnings of their new foundation, with VMware HCX for accelerated migration to the cloud and VMware Cloud on AWS for their disaster recovery needs. Read more about their story.

Scale and protect on-premises VDI needs in the public cloud


PennyMac, a leading national mortgage lender, is committed to providing every customer with the right home loan and superior service long after closing. 

They needed to scale their virtual environment very rapidly in response to changing market conditions. In this video, hear how they leveraged VMware Cloud on AWS to migrate their VDI environment to the public cloud.

OSRAM Continental

OSRAM Continental develops innovative automotive lighting systems to meet the needs of modern mobility concepts. Launched in 2018, the joint venture quickly set up an entirely new, ready-to-run IT infrastructure based on a cloud principle and VMware Cloud on AWS. Thanks to a virtual desktop infrastructure, the company benefits from time and cost savings, maximum flexibility and centralized management, thereby creating the infrastructural prerequisites for an industry in transition. 

“VMware Cloud on AWS enabled us to build our entire IT and process landscape from scratch in just six months.”
– Michael Schöberl, CIO, OSRAM Continental

Learn more about OSRAM Continental’s journey in this case study.

As the above examples show, customers are increasing agility, improving business continuity, scaling cost-effectively and rapidly migrating or extending to the public cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS, an integrated, highly available and secure solution.

To learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, check out these resources. Or, you can get started with VMware Cloud on AWS online.




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