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Podcast: How to Accelerate Multi-Cloud Adoption with VMware Reference Architectures

Reference architectures provide a solid blueprint for organizations seeking a proven path to cloud. In our latest podcast, we speak to Martin Hosken and John Marrone – who both have huge experience in writing reference architectures – about how these blueprints can help with multi-cloud adoption. 


In the latest installment of our multi-cloud podcast, Eric Nielsen (@ericnipro) and I (@davidj7494) welcome two special guests – both of whom are experts in all things reference architecture. Martin Hosken is a VMware Chief Technologist for VMware Cloud Services, and John Marrone leads a team of solution architects that work directly with VMware customers who are designing and building out multi-cloud environments using VMware technologies.  

On the podcast, we talk to them about several projects they are leading, which focus on creating multi-cloud reference architectures for VMware customers to use.


VMware Cloud on AWS reference architectures

John’s team was created several years ago and initially focused exclusively on VMware Cloud on AWS. During that time, they produced nine reference architectures (figure 1). Each one is designed to show non-VMware architects how to use VMware Cloud technologies to create a single, high-functioning environment that spans an on-premises data center and AWS.  

The reference architectures address a broad range of topics including:

  • How to create a secure network to support integration of an on-premises and AWS environment
  • How to easily take advantage of AWS cloud services as part of a hybrid cloud that includes AWS
  • How to deploy VMware Horizon across a hybrid cloud with desktops running both on-premises and in AWS
  • Leveraging VMware technologies that make it easy to move workloads to AWS and back to the on-premises data center


There are several more topics relating to AWS, so be sure to check them all out here.

Figure 1:  VMC on AWS reference architectures on cloud.vmware.com


In addition, John’s team is now looking at creating similar guides to support VMware’s partnerships with both Azure and Google. Eventually, the team will address all of the public clouds that run VMware Cloud Foundation.  

As a first step, they plan to publish a series of blogs on the For Architects section of the VMware Cloud Community site. The blog series will address how to architect for cross-cloud connectivity and mobility, as well as building and running modern apps in a multi-cloud environment.


Deeper dive architectural guides and best practices

In 2019, in support of VMware Cloud on AWS, Martin co-authored a very detailed book on how to get the most out of VMware Cloud on AWS. Data Center Modernization with VMware Cloud on AWS explores how VMware architected VMware Cloud Foundation to run on AWS, and takes an in-depth look at how to configure VMware technologies to deliver compute, storage, networking, management and cross-cloud workload mobility.  

Since it first went to general availability , VMware Cloud on AWS has continued to evolve at a rapid clip. To give customers the latest information, Martin is releasing an updated version of the book before the end of the year.

He also recently released an updated version of another book he wrote. VMware Cloud Architecture Toolkit version 5 (vCAT5) provides detailed guidance to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) looking to build cloud environments. The 2020 edition explores how to use VMware Cloud Foundation technologies along with VMware Cloud Director to provide a hosted private cloud. Using a hosted cloud supported by an MSP is another way organizations can extend their data center and create a hybrid cloud.  

Both of Martin’s books are heavy on architecture and great resources for Cloud, Enterprise, Application and Platform Architects. They also provide a strong foundation of best practices gleaned from hundreds of customer and MSP cloud deployments.  

Figure 2:  Books authored by Martin Hosken focused on how to build a hybrid cloud.


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