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Podcast: Building and Refactoring Apps In a Multi-Cloud Environment

We had another great conversation on our latest Multi-Cloud Podcast with our guest Richard Seroter.  A Senior Director of Technical Marketing for VMware Modern Applications,  Richard joined the company as part of our Pivotal Labs acquisition. He provides a fresh overview of how    we’ve been helping organizations transform by modernizing their application portfolio.


Our progress since the start of the podcast

It’s amazing to see all that has happened since the fall of 2019, when Eric and I started recording our Multi-Cloud Podcast. In one of the early episodes, we discussed VMware Tanzu.  Since then, we acquired Pivotal, which provides a developer-centric platform and services to help accelerate modern app development.We also released new versions of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, VMware Tanzu Mission Control and VMware Tanzu and Application Catalog.

In April, we launched the latest version of VMware vSphere (vSphere 7), which was rearchitected into an open platform using Kubernetes.. VMware Cloud Foundation 4 now ships with vSphere 7 and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid as part of VMware’s overall cloud stack.


Pivotal philosophy alive and well at VMware

In our latest podcast, we discuss our Pivotal acquisition at the end of 2019. At the time, Pivotal was a tech leader transforming the way some of the world’s largest companies build and run software. The company delivered a powerful set of capabilities, including a leading developer-centric application platform, along with tools and services that help organizations accelerate modern app development. Pivotal was also a major contributor to the Spring developer framework, one of the most downloaded frameworks created.

It was great to hear VMware is continuing to keep the Pivotal brand alive in the form of Pivotal Labs, which works side by side with our customers’ developers on app dev projects. Pivotal Labs uses paired programming as the vehicle to drive knowledge transfer from Pivotal to the customer. The engagement infuses our customers with the DNA to improve the quality of applications while accelerating application delivery and enhancing the quality of the software.

Building, running and managing modern apps

In the podcast, we walk through the VMware Tanzu product portfolio,looking at how Tanzu’s capabilities help organizations build, run and manage modern apps across any combination of clouds. This includes on-premises private clouds, managed service provider clouds or hyper-scaler clouds,such as AWS, Azure and Google. 

Most companies building apps in the cloud leverage the tools provided by their cloud vendor. For instance, if you are on AWS, there’s a very good chance you are using AWS EKS as your Kubernetes container orchestrator. This works great if you are only developing for a single cloud and that cloud happens to be AWS.

However, we see more and more organizations needing to build, run, and manage apps across a combination of environments. The most common scenario involves hybrid apps that must run across a data center and one or more public clouds. 

This is where things get tricky. Your ability to leverage common skills and operations gets much harder when you’re leveraging cloud vendor-specific tools across a multi-cloud landscape, which is a major reason we brought VMware Tanzu to the marketplace. 

Richard does a great job walking through the capabilities of Tanzu, helping you understand how the portfolio maps to build, run and manage. We hope you enjoy the podcast. 

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