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VMware and AWS Are Making the Hybrid Cloud a Reality

When AWS and VMware rocked the industry in October 2016 with the announcement of a partnership to bring the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) to the AWS cloud, it was met with intrigue and excitement. There was an underlying truth that could not be denied: most enterprises relied on VMware to run applications in their VMware vSphere-based private clouds, and often these same customers were also running applications on AWS. These customers were asking both companies to make it easier to run their existing on-premises environments alongside AWS using the VMware software and tools they rely on.

And thus, VMware Cloud on AWS was conceived, developed and ultimately brought to market as a jointly architected solution that integrated the world’s leading private cloud and the world’s leading public cloud so customers could run VMware’s industry-leading compute, storage, and network virtualization solutions directly on AWS without giving up any of the functionality, elasticity, or security they have come to expect from the AWS Cloud.

Fast-forward to today, and we see the shared vision helping customers achieve their digital transformations. VMware Cloud on AWS has quickly become a force in the world of hybrid cloud. The service is delivering on compelling use cases such as Cloud Migrations (application migration, data center consolidation/migration, infrastructure refresh; Data Center Extension for seasonal demand spikes, incremental capacity for new projects, and regional/geo expansion needs; disaster recovery and backup; and application modernization.

AWS and VMware are empowering customers with the ability to leverage consistent infrastructure and operations across their cloud environments. Customers are using VMware Cloud on AWS include a2z, Inc., Audience View, Black Mountain Systems, Brinks, Ceridian, Cenitex, ConnectWise, CSU East Bay, GenPro, KeHE Distributors, Kemba Credit Union, ME, Otto Group, Playtika, Scripps, Stagecoach, Trend Micro, United Overseas Bank Limited, and United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.

And today we’re excited to announce that VMware and AWS have expanded their partnership and AWS is now able to resell VMware Cloud on AWS, which you can read about more in this blog from AWS.

Let’s explore some of these customer stories.

Trend Micro Leverages the Best of Both Worlds with VMware Cloud on AWS

Trend Micro is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions that helps to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Trend Micro protects 500,000+ companies with its Smart Protection Network that processes hundreds of terabytes of data every day to produce critical global threat intelligence to protect over 250 million unique endpoints world-wide. Like many companies, Trend Micro has a significant footprint in both AWS and on-premises in a VMware-based private cloud. Trend Micro’s IT team is leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS to migrate VMware-based workloads to the public cloud with on-demand expansion capabilities and little impact to application uptime.

Zack Milem, cloud solutions architect for Trend Micro, said, “VMware Cloud on AWS provides Trend Micro a familiar VMware control pane for our public cloud environment, delivering the functionality and security that Trend Micro values in VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center solutions, coupled with flexible access to AWS services. It’s a huge win to be able to log in and do a VMware vMotion seamlessly to the public cloud. It looks like just another data center. For new projects in incubation, VMware Cloud on AWS provides an optimal temporary solution that scales up and back down as a new project is tested. For our core business, with threat intelligence data load demands that are constantly growing and have unwieldly peaks, the dynamic scaling of VMware Cloud on AWS eliminates capacity issues. Re-architecting applications can take months, even a year or more, and with VMware Cloud on AWS we’ve significantly reducing this financial and operational burden on the company.”

UOB Banks On VMware Cloud on AWS

United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) is a leading bank in Asia with a global network of more than 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America. Since its incorporation in 1935, UOB has grown organically and through a series of strategic acquisitions. UOB is the first organization in Southeast Asia to enhance its portfolio of enterprise solutions with VMware Cloud on AWS. Armed with these new capabilities, UOB will use VMware Cloud on AWS to support its digital innovation journey as it fast-tracks innovation and application development in today’s digital era.

Mr. Adhunik Chug, Head of Group Shared Infrastructure Services, Group Technology and Operations, UOB, said, “As we continue to develop and to implement services and solutions to enhance our customers’ banking experiences, it is important that we have the capability to be agile without compromising on security. VMware Cloud on AWS enables us to build our innovation platform on the cloud while maintaining our robust security standards. We are pleased to be the first company in Southeast Asia to use this integrated solution to power our innovation drive.”

VMware Cloud on AWS to Help Drive Digital Transformation for Victorian Government in Australia

VMware and Cenitex, the Victorian Government’s shared services ICT agency, are working together to deliver new cloud-based solutions to better support more than 35,000 public servants across over 21 government departments and portfolio agencies. Under Program Fortify, Cenitex is adopting VMware’s cloud technology to improve the resilience, reliability and security of its core infrastructure. A VMware customer for 10 years, Cenitex initially developed Program Fortify as a transformational program to deliver more resilient, cost-effective services to customers. VMware Cloud on AWS will allow Cenitex to reduce its physical data center footprint, with improved scalability and continuous expansion capabilities into the cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS also creates the opportunity for Cenitex to offer disaster recovery capability in the cloud for critical customer applications.

Nav Pillai, General Manager, Design & Development, Cenitex, said, “Cloud is a critical and strategic part of our digital transformation initiative. VMware has been our preferred technology strategic advisor from day one for virtual platforms, and VMware Cloud on AWS will provide a seamless path from our on-premises data centers to an agile, flexible and cost-effective hybrid cloud environment. In today’s environment, government agencies are increasingly digitized and need an IT service that will help them navigate through this with ease. Our customers are providing a community service and we want to enhance this through an innovation mindset, which we will be able to do in partnership with VMware.”


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