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VMware Cloud on AWS: April 2019 Digest

Get up to speed on the latest news for VMware Cloud on AWS. Your April 2019 Digest is here, with a recap of all articles relating to VMware Cloud on AWS published within that month.

We are back again with April 2019 Digest for VMware Cloud on AWS: A recap of all articles related to VMware Cloud on AWS published in April 2019.

So, here is the list of blogs from April 2019 that give you a deep-dive understanding of the VMware Cloud on AWS features, give you some product updates with the latest releases in March, walk you through some step-by-step guides, talk to you about some customer and partner success stories, and answer some of your questions about the service.

If you missed any of our previous months’ articles, here are the links for you:

Technical Articles:

Product Updates:


Customer references:


For other information related to VMware Cloud on AWS, here are some more learning resources for you: