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VMware Network Insight Now Provides Security and Network Analytics for VMware Cloud on AWS

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Whether you are a current VMware Cloud on AWS customer, or considering VMware Cloud on AWS for migrating and running your business-critical applications, you can use VMware Network Insight to plan application migration, accelerate application security deployment and troubleshoot application connectivity across your VMware Cloud on AWS and on-premises software-defined data center environments.

Most IT organizations tasked with migrating applications to public clouds grapple with challenges such as inconsistent infrastructure and tooling across on-premises and public cloud environments and lack of correlated insights across application security and networking in hybrid and multi cloud environments. These challenges present hurdles in formulating a successful public cloud adoption strategy, thereby increasing business risk and time to adoption. Using VMware Network Insight for VMware Cloud on AWS can help you get ahead of the public cloud adoption curve by providing-

  • Single platform for visibility across on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Troubleshooting application connectivity across hybrid and multi cloud environments
  • Easy to try, deploy and use cloud service that you can get up and running, and collecting valuable insights within 30 mins.

Plan Application Migration

Do you have an exhaustive and current list of all applications and services running in your data center? Most IT professionals I talk to don’t. With all the advancements in application development methodologies developers are churning out applications faster than even and IT professionals have to keep up with ensuring security and connectivity for those applications.

The first step toward formulating a successful cloud adoption strategy is to get visibility into the applications and services running in your data center. Using VMware Network Insight, you can identify key services running in your environment and map communication dependencies between applications, their tiers and on other physical infrastructure. You can even run simple searches to quantify data and get an estimate of egress data costs.

Accelerate Application Security

Security is top of mind for IT professionals seeking to run business critical applications in the cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS is built on VMware NSX to enable application micro-segmentation. Using VMware Network Insight, you can accelerate micro-segmentation planning, deployment and troubleshooting for your applications. You can use VMware Network Insight to map application flow dependencies, get firewall rules recommendations and even troubleshoot flows that are blocked by the NSX firewall.

Troubleshoot Application Connectivity

When application communication breaks down, it could be because of network or security configuration. If you have a hybrid application with tiers spanning VMware Cloud on AWS and your on-premise data center, troubleshooting application connectivity is even more difficult. Worse, the flows for your hybrid application traverse both the virtual overlay as well as the physical underlay in your data center in addition to communicating with your VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure. VMware Network Insight gives you correlated insights and troubleshooting – across security and networking infrastructure, across virtual and physical (in your on-premises) infrastructure, and most importantly, across your on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS environments.

These key capabilities enabled by VMware Network Insight can help you accelerate your time to value with VMware Cloud on AWS and ensure application security and connectivity across your hybrid cloud environments.

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