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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

Throughout 2018, VMware Cloud users, partners and fans read our nearly 200 blog posts on how to build better digital infrastructures and get the most out of their cloud services.

We’ve collected the top posts from the year below, so you can revisit your old favorites or catch up on any you missed.

1. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts: Cloud Managed SDDC for Your Data Center

Read time – 13 mins

VMware Solutions Architect, William Lam, provides a technical deep dive into the backend of one of the biggest product announcements of the year.

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2. VMware Makes Hybrid Cloud Extension Part of Core VMware Cloud on AWS

Read time – 4 mins

Audiences were excited to hear VMware HCX would be bundled with VMware Cloud on AWS, enabling workload migration en masse.

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3. VMware Cloud on AWS keeps charging ahead – Asia Pacific Expansion and New Capabilities to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Migration Projects

Read time – 15 mins

VMware Cloud on AWS moved in leaps and bounds in 2018. This post highlights the new capabilities and availabilities achieved in its first year.

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4. Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Considerations and Configurations using VMware Cloud on AWS

Read time – 14 mins

This guest post from Managing Partner at SQLHA, Allan Hirt, breaks down all the tips and tricks for integrating SQL with VMware Cloud on AWS.

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5. Welcoming CloudHealth Technologies to VMware

Read time – 4 mins

We welcomed CloudHealth into the VMware family to remove complexity from managing multi-cloud operations.

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6. VMware Cloud on AWS expands to AWS EU (London) Region With Continuing Momentum on Delivery of New Capabilities

Read time – 8 mins

Detailing the expansion of VMWare Cloud on AWS to new availability zones for customers around the globe, as well as new features and capabilities.

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7. VMware Cloud on AWS – THE Hybrid Cloud to Run Your Enterprise Apps On!

Read time – 9 mins

Detailing the hybrid cloud benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS, the only hybrid cloud solution that allows VMware vSphere customers to modernize, protect, and scale mission-critical applications leveraging AWS.

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8. Extending Born in the Cloud Innovations to the Data Center

Read time – 8 mins

Our top line view of how we’re extending cloud innovations to the data center with AWS for the first time, introducing VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts and VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2.

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9. VMware Makes Hybrid Cloud Extension Part of Core VMware Cloud on AWS

Read time – 5 mins

One of the updates to the VMware Cloud on AWS offering in 2018 was the bundling of VMware HCX, helping customers quickly and easily migrate workloads en masse.

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10. Introducing VMware Cloud PKS

Read time – 10 mins

This post details the introduction of VMware’s groundbreaking Kubernetes product, VMware Cloud PKS and how you can use it to build and run modern apps.

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