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VMware Acquires CloudCoreo

Today, I’m thrilled to announce our acquisition of CloudCoreo continuing on our commitment to secure and manage applications in a multi-cloud world. I want to officially welcome the CloudCoreo team to VMware.

As customers increasingly shift to public clouds, they are encountering unique security challenges. In fact, security challenges are one of the top concerns as organizations move to the cloud.

Security in the public cloud for applications of today and cloud-native applications are composed of hundreds of configuration parameters. Making sure applications are properly configured and secured, even as the speed of development and deployment increases and as organizations deploy across heterogeneous public clouds, is essential to protecting corporate data and information.

CloudCoreo offers a solution for the market, proactively identifying public cloud risks at the time of deployment to prevent breaches of compliance violations before they occur. The solution also continuously scans and monitors your cloud infrastructure to keep your applications and data safe.

As a part of VMware, CloudCoreo will enable us to extend our model of supporting consistent operations across any cloud. We will help customers to access the best cloud for the needs of each individual application, while optimizing security and compliance. And we will give customers the ultimate choice to develop any type of application their business needs and deploy to any cloud, without increasing complexity or risk to the business.

The CloudCoreo technology and team will enhance VMware’s portfolio of cloud services to help customers easily secure their traditional and modern applications in a multi-cloud world.