VMware Cloud on AWS

Auto Remediation on VMware Cloud on AWS

Because VMware Cloud on AWS is a service operated and managed by VMware, it is up to us to ensure that your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is always up and running.

As part of that responsibility, we have ensured that the system responds quickly to any hardware issue. Internally, we refer to this feature as “auto remediation.”

While this is largely invisible to you as a VMware Cloud on AWS user, it’s important to discuss how this works so that you understand what is going on and what you will see in the UI when something happens.

While features like HA have existed for some time, our approach to hardware faults is unique to VMware Cloud on AWS. Because we monitor the health of the system at all times, we already know when an error occurs. We also have the ability to provision hardware into your SDDC quickly. By combining those two capabilities together, we are able to quickly react to a hardware failure by inserting a new server into your cluster when a fault is detected. Because we are running VSAN, the VM’s are protected and vSphere HA will automatically restart any VM’s which were running on the failed server.

In the video below, we show a simulated hardware failure and what happens when this type of event occurs.

As you can see in the video, this process is completely automated and you may not even notice that the action has taken place. While the underlying HA and DRS features are identical to the features you already have on premise, the addition of an elastic hardware stack allows us to very quickly remediate any hardware failure with a minimum of downtime.

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