VMware Cloud on AWS

Become a design partner for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMworld is right around the corner and the VMware Cloud on AWS User Experience team is looking for design partners at VMworld US and Europe. Not only will you get to have your voice heard and interact with the product team, we even have swag for you.

Here is where we need your help:

VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started
Get hands-on with the proposed UI design for VMC on AWS, meet with the design team to provide feedback. Help us choose among design alternatives for the best getting-started experience, creating SDDCs, and configuring networking and hybrid link mode.

VMware Cloud on AWS – Advanced Topics
Explore design alternatives and provide feedback on advanced topics to the VMware Cloud on AWS design team. Topics may include networking, workload migration, hybrid linked mode, logging, and maintenance for patch and upgrade.

The sessions will be held in the UX Design Studio at VMworld:

  • Las Vegas: Monday 8/28 – Thursday 8/31, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, 3rd Floor – Room Palm H
  • Barcelona: Monday 9/11 – Thursday 9/14, Fira Gran Via, Upper Walkway – Ancillary Meeting Room 104
  • If you would like to provide design input on VMware Cloud on AWS, contact us or sign up below. This is an ancillary session and an NDA will be required.

    To schedule a session for

    VMworld US, go to https://calendly.com/vmcdesign/lasvegas
    VMworld Europe, go to https://calendly.com/vmcdesign/barcelona
    We hope to see you there!


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