Release VMware Workstation Workstation Pro

Announcing VMware Workstation 17 Pro and Player

Windows 11, new vTPM, Auto-Start VM at Boot and more

After much anticipation, we’re proud to be announcing the general availability of VMware Workstation 17 Pro and Player!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s new!

Windows 11

Support for Windows 11 Hosts and Guests – Create Windows 11 VMs on Linux and Windows 11 hosts. To provide this support, we delivered an mproved Virtual Trusted Platform Module and new ‘fast’ VM Encryption type.

Fast Encryption

Along with VM ‘Full Encryption’, we are introducing a ‘Fast Encryption’ capability to deliver maximum performance for VMs that use a vTPM.

Auto Start VMs

This new feature allows you to configure Virtual Machines to start automatically when your PC boots.

Encryption for Player

To deliver a Windows 11 supported TPM, VM encryption features have been extended to Workstation Player product to seamlessly create Windows 11 virtual machines

Workstation can generate and also remember the encryption password

OpenGL 4.3 Graphics

  • In Linux and Windows VMs Workstation now supports OpenGL 4.3 graphics

New Guest OS Support

In addition to Windows 11, we’ve added support for a plethora of new Guest Operating Systems with this release, including:

  • Windows server 2022
  • Ubuntu 22.04, 20.04, 22.10
  • Debian 11.5, 12,
  • Fedora 37, 36,
  • RHEL 9
  • FreeBSD 12, 13

How To Get Started?

Download the Trial by visiting:
Ready to buy? Head over to the VMware Online Store where we’re running a 30% off new licenses launch sale!