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Workstation 16: Now Available!

workstation 16 action shot

The Desktop Hypervisor team is proud to announce the general availability of VMware Workstation 16 Pro and Player!

Quick links:

VMware Desktop Hypervisor Product Page

Workstation Download Page

Workstation Evaluation Page


player product shot

To recap some of the new features we’ve brought to this release:

  • Containers and Kubernetes support with ‘vctl‘ and kind
  • DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 Support
  • Monster VMs – 128GB RAM, 32 vCPU, 8TB Disks, 10 NICs, 8GB Graphics Memory
  • Hyper-V Support: Use Hyper-V, WSL2, Device Guard / Credential Guard and Workstation at the same time
  • New Dark Mode UI
  • Linux Vulcan Rendering Engine
  • Latest OS Support
  • USB 3.1 Device support
  • Sandboxed Graphics Rendering Engine
  • Improved Accessibility features (Section 508)

vctl documentation

Release Notes


13 thoughts on “Workstation 16: Now Available!

  1. laz

    hi, does workstation pro 16 for windows supports linux guest with opengl 4.1 or only linux version of workstation pro

  2. Zuhair

    I see that Accessibility improvements have been made (508/WCAG), but there is no mention of what they are — not even in the release note or the docs. What exactly are the accessibility improvements?

  3. hyewon bark

    hello, i have a question.

    VMware allows you to use your personal Workstation Pro or Player license to run virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes clusters on up to 3 devices that you personally own, including Apple devices.

    then If I use the Workstation Pro license on my Apple device, does it automatically change to the Fusion Pro license?

    1. hyewon bark

      Regarding the above question, a Workstation 16 Pro license can be used to license VMware Fusion 12 Pro, and a Workstation 16 Player license can be used to license VMware Fusion 12 Player

  4. Stuart

    I get the following message for VMWare Player 16.0 on Windows 7 (64-bit) SP1:
    “Setup cannot continue. This program requires that you have Windows 8 or greater OS version installed.”

    Has Windows 7 host support been dropped? Can’t see anything in the Release Notes to say so…

    1. Dejan

      Not just removed… They are not even fixing it on V15.5.5 and V15.5.6. It is not working for months on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Hosts (and on several othes). Crashing vmware-workstation-server daemon…

    1. Sil

      Absolutely correct. The edges are rounded only at the top, and not in a nice way. It makes the software look inconsistent and out of place when the rest of the system has rectangular edges.

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