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VMware Workstation Tech Preview 20H1 — Hyper-V/Host VBS Support

VMware Workstation team is proud to announce VMware Workstation Tech Preview 20H1 is now available.

Download it here

What’s New with VMware Workstation Tech Preview 20H1

With the first release of our 2020 Tech Preview branch, version 20H1 users are now able to run virtual machines on Windows 10 when Hyper-V or host Virtualization Based Security is turned on. You can run Device Guard, Credential Guard services at the same time as VMware Workstation.

At VMworld 2019, the team brought Microsoft on stage for a joint demo, showing for the first time that a virtual machine could be successfully powered on a Hyper-V and VBS (Virtualization Based Security enabled Windows 10 host.  After years of hard work, this incredibly challenging and very low-level project has now moved from concept to a preview that you can test today.

Software Requirements

  • Windows 10 20H1 from Windows insider program.  Minimum build number: 19041.

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel Haswell or newer CPU
  • AMD Bulldozer or newer CPU

What to Test

With this tech preview, VMware Workstation is supposed to work exactly the same way as Workstation works on the non-Hyper-V/VBS enabled host. Please test your most frequent used scenarios and see how it works. Some of the examples we can think of:

  • Create a virtual machine with VMware Workstation Pro Tech Preview 20H1
    • Set up all the tools within the virtual machine that you use, use those tools within the virtual machine, and check the tools work as expected
    • VM operations, for example, Power On/Off virtual machine, Suspend/Resume, Take snapshot/Revert to snapshot, …
  • Copy a VM that was created with earlier Workstation GA version and which is being used in daily work, and run the VM under the tech preview build


Comparing with what we demoed at VMworld 2019, Performance of virtual machine have been greatly improved. However, since this is a beta build instead of GA build, the performance may still be not as good as you expect it to be. However, please tell us if you find performance of some applications running within the virtual machine behave far below expectation. General performance of VMware Workstation with host VBS is top priority we target to improve with the GA version to be released soon.

There are some other known issues and limitations. You can check details from user guide under “Documents” of Workstation Pro Tech Preview 20H1 community.

We will answer your questions raised in VMware Workstation Tech Preview 20H1 community and looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you!

Direct Download Link

VMware Workstation Team

15 thoughts on “VMware Workstation Tech Preview 20H1 — Hyper-V/Host VBS Support

  1. Aaron

    Haswell is required? Drats, my (admittedly old) primary workstation is still on Ivy Bridge, one generation too old to support this.

  2. Jim

    Installed and after the required reboot my system won’t boot. System restore is failing. Any tips on what sort of changes it made that may result in my system failing to boot?

  3. Eric

    Will this be available to non-20H1 versions of Windows when it hits GA? I’d to run it on version 1903, but will only it work on future builds of Windows?

    1. Zongmin

      Hi Eric,
      Currently Microsoft API for host VBS support is only for Windows 10 20H1 and above. Will surely discuss with Microsoft about possibility of porting back API to earlier version of Windows 10.
      Btw, is your Windows 10 managed by corporate IT or managed by yourself?

      VMware Workstation Team

  4. Kris

    So with this upcoming version, will we be able to run WSL 2.0 (Windows Sublayer for Linux) properly while VMware Workstation is installed? Up until now, it’s been an either/or thing.

    1. Zongmin

      Hi Kris,

      Yes, when we ship the GA version, you could expect WSL 2.0 can coexist with VMware Workstation installed.

      VMware Workstation Team

  5. haiweiz

    Jim, Thank you for trying this tech preview build, and I am sorry getting into this trouble, we never hit your issue in our lab, would you mind share us the OS detail information? Such as the OS version and build number, hardware configuration (CPU), etc.
    Few question about your installation:
    1. You said: “my system won’t boot”, did you means when the Windows 10 host boot, the OS goto troubleshoot page directly?
    2. Did you have old version of Workstation before install this tech preview build? If so, did you try to uninstall the old version and re-install this Tech preview build?
    Could you please try to disable security boot option in bios and try to enter your system and uninstall Workstation?

    Sorry again..

    1. Zongmin

      surely this is a wrong alert. We didn’t experience this in our lab environment. Can you try to upgrade to latest Windows 20H1 insider build and see whether this could still be reproducible?

      1. Jon Husen

        I’m running 20H1 build 19041.21. I checked for patches on 2020-01-31 at 9 AM EST
        Windows Defender is running security intelligence version 1.309.86.0

        Can you post an MD5 hash to verify the installer?

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