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Workstation 14 Pro and Player Now Available!

We are proud to announce the general availability of VMware Workstation 14 Pro and VMware Workstation 14 Player.

Download It Here!

Buy or Upgrade Here!

What’s in the release?

These releases build on a long tradition of leading edge virtualization capabilities, and this year we’ve introduced new features that will help IT Professionals and Businesses be more productive and more secure.

Virtual Hardware Platform 14

Workstation 14 Pro builds from the newest vSphere Virtual Hardware Platform, now at version 14, and with it delivers new features such as support for:
– Microsoft Device Guard and Credential Guard “Virtualization Based Security” feature support for Windows 10 Guests (Guests only at this time)
– A new Virtual NVMe device for faster disk access on SSD storage and a requirement for vSAN testing
– UEFI Secure Boot, required for VBS and supported with ESXi 6.5 Virtual Guests.
– A new Virtual Trusted Platform Module which is used to manage keys for guest encryption services such as BitLocker.
– Support for the latest Intel Kabylake and AMD Ryzen CPUs

These features are available for Workstation 14 Pro as well as Workstation 14 Player.
Workstation Player is available for commercial use with a license, but is free for personal use.

Workstation Pro: The Master of Local Desktop Virtualization.

Workstation 14 Pro adds upon this with new Virtual Network Simulation features. We’ve had Network Packet Loss and Bandwidth before, but we have now added Network Latency to the mix, configurable for both Incoming and Outgoing traffic for each virtual network adapter. This feature makes it easy to test the resiliency of your applications under harsh network conditions.

Workstation 14 Pro also allows users to stay organized with custom network renaming.

We’ve of course also added support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, known also as build 1709 or ‘Redstone 3’, which includes Windows Server 2016, as both Host and Guest. On the Linux side we have added support for Ubuntu 17.04, and Fedora 26 as both Host and Guest.

Seamless vCenter Deploy

For users looking to test the vCenter Server Appliance, Workstation Pro now provides a guided wizard to make the deployment effortless.

New Remote Controls

When connected to vSphere, users can now control Power operations for ESXi hosts. Power them off, Reboot them or bring them in or out of Maintenance mode right from Workstation Pro.

The Essential Virtualization Tool

All this and numerous bug fixes, small enhancements, and performance gains leveraging newer CPU hardware features for virtualization are what continue to make Workstation Pro the essential tool for IT professionals, and Workstation Player the ideal solution for secure virtual desktops.

21 thoughts on “Workstation 14 Pro and Player Now Available!

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  3. Brian

    “added support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update…as both Host and Guest.” Does that mean 12.5 users can’t install the Fall Creators Update on their host machine?

    1. Michael Roy Post author

      *edit* sorry, read your question wrong…

      The answer is that it can be installed, but it’s not considered officially supported.

  4. Orion

    If we wanted to download and use Workstation 12 Pro for the time being, will purchasing a Workstation 14 Pro license allow us to do that?

    Or will it only activate a Workstation 14 product? If that is the case, is there a way to still purchase a Workstation 12 license and download?

  5. Sebastian Bartus-Kunz

    Nice, we bought two Pro Licenses on Aug 17th. 5 days too early for a free upgrade. Hard to explain to management why they should pay another 331,89 EUR for an upgrade in such short time.

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  8. Markus

    I have bought upgrades to Workstation every year that they have come out (starting with Workstation 4 many years ago). This is the first time that I won’t be able to do that, as none of my available hardware has a sufficiently modern CPU to still be supported.

  9. Andrew

    “On the Linux side we have added support for Ubuntu 17.04 LTS”

    As Peter said – 17.04 is not an LTS release. Most of us Ubuntu users are still using 16.04 LTS, and likely won’t upgrade until 18.04 LTS. This latest release of Workstation Pro doesn’t have any relevant new features to cause me to want to upgrade. The only reason I am commenting is because of the implication that previous versions of Workstation Pro don’t work properly on the latest version of Ubuntu. I would like to hope that either Ubuntu 18.04 plays nicely with Workstation Pro or else VMware will make new updates available for all recent versions of Workstation Pro. Chances are however, that Workstation 15 Pro or even Workstation 16 Pro will be out and about by the time Ubuntu 18.04 LTS comes around.

  10. Mitja Kolsek

    We need to start testing our product’s installer on a Secure Boot machine as some users are reporting our kernel driver can’t be installed on their computers with Secure Boot. We’d like to do that with a virtual machine and it sounds like Workstation 14 might allow for that. Do I understand correctly that installing a fresh Windows 10 machine in a new Secure Boot VM will actually create a virtual machine where kernel drivers without Microsoft’s signature won’t be allowed to get installed or executed? In other words, will this create a computer only trusting two hardware certificates, one from Microsoft and one from VMware?


    1. Mitja Kolsek

      Replying to myself, in case anyone else would want to know: Yes, creating a new UEFI+SecureBoot machine and installing Windows 10 64bit in it actually resulted in a machine that allowed Microsoft’s and VMware’s drivers to get installed, but not ours (which is not yet properly signed through Microsoft’s Hardware dev Center). Thanks VMware for making this possible!

  11. IK

    When will version 14 available in VMAP?
    We have some academics upgraded to version 14 but the license key for version 12 doesnt’t work.

  12. matt

    will vmware player 14 (free) have a virtual network editor to make bridged networks on a linux host?

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