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Try Windows 10 Tech Preview with VMware Workstation and Fusion

Microsoft has announced the next version of its flagship operating system Windows 10 and released a Technical Preview version on Oct. 1st 2014. Because it’s a preview version, Microsoft recommended to not install it on your primary PC in case of data loss or other problems. VMware Workstation and Fusion is an excellent choice to run Windows 10 Tech Preview from Microsoft, since it provides an isolated virtual environment.


Due to Windows 10 Tech Preview is not officially supported by VMware Workstation 10, you may need to do some extra steps during the installation, but in general it works very smooth and definitely can help you to experience this future version of Windows from Microsoft. This blog is done with VMware Workstation, but you can do it with VMware Fusion with similar steps.

In the upcoming Workstation 11 release, Windows 10 Tech Preview support will be added and it will provide an even better experience to install, run, and use this operating system. The good news is with the announcement of VMware Workstation 11 on Oct. 1st 2014, you can now buy Workstation 10 and get Workstation 11 for free in December 2014, see here for more details.

To install Windows 10 Tech Preview, first you need to sign up for the Tech Preview program and download the ISO from http://preview.windows.com.

Launch VMware Workstation 10, from the File menu, select New Virtual Machine. In the 1st step of New Virtual Machine Wizard, select Typical Install.

In the next step of the wizard, select Installer disk image file and point to the Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO you just downloaded. Since this Tech Preview version is not supported, it can’t be detected by the wizard. Click Next to proceed.


Here you can select the operating system, since Windows 8 has the similar Windows kernel as Windows 10 Tech Preview, let’s select it as the operating system. Make sure you select x64 or x86 according to the ISO you downloaded.


Then follow the step to finish the wizard and kick off the installation.

After accepting the Windows 10 Tech Preview EULA, you can select to install the OS with Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).


Make sure create a new partition with the unallocated disk space (size depending on how much you assigned to the virtual machine), and select this newly created partition to install the OS.


Follow the Windows installer instruction to begin the installation, within a few minutes, your Windows 10 Tech Preview will be ready within VMware Workstation 10.

The last step is to install VMware Tools, so you can do dynamic screen resizing, Unity mode and printing. From VM menu, select Install VMware Tools, and follow the steps to finish the installation.


Now you have Windows 10 Tech Preview running in VMware Workstation.


The majority of functionality works great, but there are a few issues caused by the new mini Start menu and TaskView feature, including:

  • There is a shade of the mini Start menu once enter into Unity mode
  • The TaskView rendering is not correct (workaround: using software render)
  • Bridged network connectivity

For VMware Fusion users, you can also follow these steps to install and experience Windows 10 Tech Preview on your machine with no need to worry about the risk of installing and running an early beta release, hope you enjoy it!

18 thoughts on “Try Windows 10 Tech Preview with VMware Workstation and Fusion

  1. Andrew Wiltshire

    Wish I’de seen you blog earlier, so far
    I’ve just tried it myself using ESX 5.0 (latest patch to date) server.
    By selecting Guest OS: Win8 x64 I got error “Windows cannot install required file error code 0x80070570”
    By selecting Guest OS: Win7 x64 I got error “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart . we’re collecting some error info errorPage_fault_in_nonpaged_area”
    Let the fun begin again.

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  3. Chris Hamilton

    Do you have any suggestions on how to network to my wireless connection within VMware? I cannot get network connectivity going ­čÖü

  4. Gavin

    I got it to work without issue on VMWARE PLAYER
    I believe the trick for me is to make sure 2d and 3d acceleration was not checked.

    Also you have to give it at least 2 gig of Ram.

    Networking: I just used NAT

  5. Bhavik

    i am having problem for drivers in vmware workstation
    no lan no wifi no audio … no drivers… what should i do.. ??

  6. Loughlan

    Tried installing in Workstation 10.0.3. Hung at 50% while “Getting devices ready”
    Admittedly I only allowed 10GB space and 1GB ram and selected ‘other 64bit’ for the OS type.
    A force reboot of it resulted in a frozen black screen.

    Trying again with Windows 8 x64 settings.

    1. Marty Felker

      Minimum requirements for Windows 10 from Microsoft

      Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster

      RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

      Free hard disk space: 16 GB

      Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

      A Microsoft account and Internet access

      Butyou DON’T need a Microsft Account – just put in a phoney email address and it will ask if you want to create a local account,

    2. Andreas

      Some here. @Marty Felker

      Is not Spec issue as as mine i running under 3.6 Mhz 12 core cpu and 24gb ram with 120 Gb disk.

      Its seems a driver issue as windows – getting device ready is preinstall drivers.

      Any way to bypass those drivers ?

      Should vm player any ideas?

      Thank you.


  7. Ravi Arora

    I am getting an error saying
    “A media driver your computer needs is missing. This could be Hard Drive,DVD or USB Flash Stick. If you have a CD, Hard Disk or USB Flash Disk with drivers on it, please insert it now.
    Note: If the installation media for Windows is on the DVD or on the USB Drive, you can safely remove it for this step.”

    1. Paul Biggs

      Hi Ravi,
      This will almost certainly be because the ISO from Microsoft has not downloaded fully.
      If you are using Microsoft’s Akamai downloader – open up the Akamai control panel ‘ControlPanel.exe’ in your local profile – AppData\Local\Akamai (if using Win7) and view the download progress. (Support-File Status = COMPLETE).
      The Windows explorer cannot be trusted to report the true file size of the downloaded ISO.

      1. logan

        i am getting the same error message as Ravi as soon as you hit install windows you get that message i have tried three times and to no avail what am i doing wrong the iso is complete

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  10. Josh

    I managed to get Windows 10 running on VMWare Player 6.0.3 non-commercial. No issues so far, just follow the steps above.

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