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Survived Microsoft XP end of support for now.

Well, it has been exactly one month since Microsoft ended XP support on April 8th, and no XPocalypse yet.

Granted there have been a few recent nasty global security exploits, like Heartbleed and the recent zero day vulnerability in Microsoft IE that caused Microsoft to issue a special XP IE patch even though they stopped supporting XP on April 8th. Actually I was surprised to see the patch pop up on my XP build considering support officially ended.

XP EOL Support and IE Patch for Zero Day

Moving off of Windows XP is not easy for companies that have those critical legacy software applications or special devices still requiring them to stay on Windows XP for a little while longer. Having worked in IT and the computer hardware industry for many years, I understand making the transition from these legacy systems or applications takes extra time and resources, which IT most definitely doesn’t have.

However if you are keeping XP around a little longer for those critical applications or need extra time before you make the move, you can continue running your key Windows XP applications in a virtual environment with VMware Workstation and make the most of your Windows XP investment.

XP VM running Win 8 on Vmware Workstation

Running Windows XP in VMware Workstation as a virtual machine allows you to reduce XP vulnerabilities by isolating and controlling more of your Windows XP environment. Because virtual machines are containerized, you can turn off features like shared folders, drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, networking, and USB access to reduce Windows XP vulnerabilities. In addition you get forward compatibility, so you can run Windows XP on modern PC hardware.

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