VMworld 2017 US and Europe events featured many opportunities to learn about the latest in VMware vSphere server virtualization technology and operations.

The top sessions are now available to all for on-demand viewing!  Registered attendees also have access to the entire collection of session recordings.

This page is a quick reference to the VMworld 2017 sessions and other events where customers were able to engage with VMware experts on a range of topics as well as network with industry peers.

PowerCLI, APIs, and Automation
Core vSphere Technology and Server Virtualization
Core vSphere Storage and Networking
Resource Management and Operations
vSphere Upgrades and Lifecycle Management
vCenter Server Management
vSphere Clients
VM Lifecycle

PowerCLI, APIs, and Automation

VMware PowerCLI 101: Becoming Your Organization’s Superhero
Technical – Introductory [US: SER2480BU | EU: SER2480BE]
Automate any task in your VMware data center with VMware PowerCLI.

Achieve Maximum vSphere Stability with PowerCLI Assisted Documentation: From Buildout to Daily Administration
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER2077BU]
VMware vSphere is the core product all other VMware technologies depend on. Adhering to the hyper-convergent infrastructure (whether inbox or partner async), defining, documenting, and verifying host and VMware vCenter settings are critical for vSphere stability.

VMware PowerCLI What’s New: The Next Evolutionary Leap Is Now
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER2529BU]
Get the latest scoop about VMware PowerCLI features and capabilities with Alan and Jake.

PowerCLI 201: Getting More Out of VMware PowerCLI
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2614BU | EU: SER2614BE]
You know the lingo. You know the basics. You’re ready to start getting deeper into the code. You’re looking to improve performance.

vSphere APIs with Alan Renouf and Kyle Ruddy
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER3036GU]
Group Discussion Join this discussion to learn about the VMware vSphere APIs, how to use them, where to use them, and more.

VMware PowerCLI with Jake Robinson and Kyle Ruddy
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER3041GU | EU: SER3041GE]
Group Discussion Join this discussion to learn about and discuss VMware PowerCLI with product management, technical marketing, and peers.

The Power Hour: VMware PowerCLI 10th Birthday Edition
Technical – Advanced [US: SER1875BU | EU: SER1875BE]
In this special edition of the Power Hour, marking the 10th birthday of VMware PowerCLI, Alan and Luc will not only bring you new features and deep dives but also show how far VMware PowerCLI has come and how it has evolved over the past 10 years.

VMware and Chef: Leveraging the vSphere API Together
Technical – Advanced [US Only: SER1906BU]
In this session, you will get an overview of the current VMware vSphere API and how to use it in your own data center.

VMware Open-Source SDKs: From Getting Started to Web App in One Hour
Technical – Advanced [US: SER1912BU | EU: SER1912BE]
In this session, you will learn how to start with nothing, gain access to the vSphere automation SDKs, prototype simple API calls, and finally work with the SDKs and other free tools to produce your own simple web-based application.

Core vSphere and Server Virtualization

Achieving Success in the Digital Transformation Journey with vSphere 6.5
Business Focus [US Only: SER3069PU]
Panel Discussion Organizations across industries and geographies know that digital transformation is critical to remain innovative, agile, and competitive.

The Business Value of VMware vSphere
Business Focus [US Only: SER2361QU]
This session will focus on the CapEx and OpEx savings provided by the industry’s leading virtualization platform.

What You Need to Know About ROBO
Business Focus [US Only: SER2897QU]
Servers in closets and storage rooms? Retail stores and distribution centers? Yes, there are licenses for that.

The Business Value of Upgrading to vSphere 6.5
Business Focus [US: SER3151QU | EU: SER3151QE]
Digital transformation is critical for organizations that want to remain innovative, agile, and competitive.

What’s Next for vSphere?
Technical – Introductory [US: SER3154SU | EU: SER3154SE]
As the foundation of the Hybrid Cloud and the software-defined data center, VMware vSphere plays a vital role in your company’s technology strategy.

How to Prepare for VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER1533BU]
VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization certification is one of the most coveted certifications in the IT industry.

Remote Direct Memory Access: A World of Possibilities
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER1740BU]
Enterprises are adopting new trends such as data mining, high-performance computing, data lake, artificial intelligence, and highly distributed computing to address ever-increasing amounts of data, make time-critical business intelligence decisions, and address business imperatives.

What’s New with vSphere
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER2342BU]
This session is a VMworld staple! Come find out what’s new with the most robust and widely adopted virtualization platform in the industry.

Virtualization 101
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER2344QU]
New to virtualization? Are you just getting started setting up VMware vSphere, or trying to sell vSphere for the first time? This session is an introduction to the key technologies and market dynamics around virtualization.

How VMware vSphere and NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Your Organization
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER3052BU]
GPUs are invading the data center. From virtual desktops to simulations, from big data analytics to machine learning, organizations are realizing the benefits of going beyond the traditional server and virtual machine (VM) architecture to increase end-user productivity, speed time to market, or improve customer experiences.

Modernizing Applications with Containers on vSphere
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER3152BU]
In this session, we will talk about best practices for running and managing modern workloads in your existing infrastructure.

vSphere and Friends: Extending the Power of the vSphere Platform
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER3084BU]
One of VMware’s top priorities as an organization is the interoperability between VMware vSphere and the ecosystem built around it.

Core vSphere Storage and Networking

Storage Virtualization: What’s New and What’s Next for vSphere Storage
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER1317BU]
VMware vSphere Storage allows VMware vSphere VMFS and the NFS client to virtualize storage on external storage arrays.

Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2355BU | EU: SER2355BE]
All-flash arrays are now commonplace in today’s data centers, and understanding how to configure and manage VMware vSphere to take advantage of them, in both performance and capacity, is critical.

NVMe: What Is It? An Interface? A Protocol? A New Drive Technology? An Industry Revolution?
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2413BU | EU: SER2413BE]
NVMe Forum and a broad ecosystem of vendors, including VMware, have been working on NVMe standards, products, and interoperability for more than seven years.

Networking for Virtual Environments: What’s New and What’s Next for VMware vSphere Networking
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER1729BU | EU: SER1729BE]
The networking market has been experiencing a tectonic shift as newer technologies (network virtualization, virtual services, lossless Ethernet, remote direct memory access [RDMA], programmable hardware, field-programmable gate array [FPGA], QAT, convergence) are being rapidly introduced.

A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality
Technical – Advanced [US: SER1143BU | EU: SER1143BE]
In this session, we will cover a slew of new features and functionalities that were included in the VMware vSphere 6.5 release.

Storage (iSCSI, NFS, Fibre Channel) Tips and Tricks, Troubleshooting, and Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere ESXi
Technical – Advanced [US Only: SER2337BU]
Need to know how to identify whether the instability in a VMware ESXi environment is due to a storage-related issue? This session covers how to isolate the problem and find out if it is caused by NFS , iSCSI, or Fibre Channel attached storage.


Extreme Performance Series: Benchmarking 101
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER2723BU]
Benchmarking is defined as the act of running a performance test to establish a baseline, capability, or comparison.

vCenter Performance Deep Dive
Technical – Advanced [US: SER1504BU | EU: SER1504BE]
Your cloud infrastructure relies on VMware vCenter to allow you to rapidly create virtual machines and applications and also support emerging workloads.

Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices
Technical – Advanced [US: SER2724BU | EU: SER2724BE]
Are users complaining about poor application performance? Demanding more resources to compensate? Do you know where to start looking for issues? Are you confident you have the right configuration in place? Attend this breakout, delivered by VMware’s most experienced performance gurus, to answer these questions and more.

Extreme Performance Series: Byte-Addressable Nonvolatile Memory in vSphere
Technical – Advanced [US Only: SER2734BU]
Persistent memory, also know as byte-addressable nonvolatile memory, is an exciting new technology that has the potential to change the storage hierarchy.

Resource Management and Operations

Dear IT, You Can Lead Digital Transformation in Your Business. Let Me Help. Yours Truly, vSphere with Operations Management.
Business Focus [US: SER1087QU | EU: SER1087QE]
This session helps IT practitioners, managers, and directors figure out the specific steps they can take to drive a digital transformation in their organizations and move IT from being just a cost center to a truly strategic partner.

DRS and Resource Management
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER3143GU]
Group Discussion Come discuss VMware Resource Management features: DRS, resource pools, vApps, maintenance mode, affinity rules, and more.

Manage Health, Performance, and Capacity in Your Data Center Using vSphere with Operations Management
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER1086BU]
VMware vSphere with Operations Management is the world’s most trusted virtualization and management platform and delivers unprecedented availability, efficiency, and performance for infrastructure and applications.

DRS Labs: What’s New and What Is Being Cooked Up in Resource Management Land
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER1815BU | EU: SER1815BE]
VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler is one of the most commonly adopted VMware vSphere utilities on the market.

vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 2
Technical – Advanced [US: SER1872BU | EU: SER1872BE]
Today’s focus is on upper levels/overlays (software-defined data center, VMware NSX), but proper host design and management remains the foundation of success.

Extreme Performance Series: Predictive DRS—Performance and Best Practices
Technical – Advanced [US: SER2849BU | EU: SER2849BE]
Predictive DRS (PDRS) is one of the key features introduced in vSphere 6.5. It is one of the best examples of how VMware vCenter server and VMware vRealize Operations manager can work together, to take resource management to the next level.

How vSphere with Operations Management Made Our Environment Run Lean and Mean
Technical – Advanced [US: SER2617BU | EU: SER2617BE]
In this session, VMware’s Kyle Ruddy and one of Avast’s senior architects will detail and demo several ways how vSphere with Operations Management made their environment run like a well-oiled machine.


vSphere Security
Technical – Introductory [US: SER3150GU | EU: SER3150GE]
Group Discussion For the past several years, the VMware vSphere group has been moving to a “secure by default” mode of operation.

Security Operations for VMware vSphere with VMware vRealize Log Insight
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER1361BU]
Follow along as we show how you can use a new VMware vRealize Log Insight Content Pack with VMware vSphere 6.5 to wow your security teams and gain unprecedented visibility into your operational state.

Honey, Where Are My Keys? Understanding and Avoiding Common Issues with Virtual Machine Encryption
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER1392BU]
Security measures should prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your data, so how do you avoid mistakes that could also prevent authorized users from accessing data? In this session, we will provide some key troubleshooting methodologies to help you avoid common issues with implementing and managing virtual machine encryption.

Encrypted vMotion in vSphere 6.5: Architecture, Performance, and Futures
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER1494BU]
With the rise in popularity of hybrid cloud computing, the ability to use VMware vSphere vMotion freely and securely across the expanding IT environment will be of crucial value.

vSphere Platform Security Update
Technical – Advanced [US: SER1848BU | EU: SER1848BE]
VMware vSphere 6.5 introduced a bunch of new security-related features: Virtual Machine Encryption, Enhanced/Audit Quality Logging, VMware vSphere vMotion encryption, and Secure Boot for VMware ESXi and virtual machines.


Troubleshooting 101 for vSphere 6.x
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER2972BU]
As system engineers and IT administrators, would you like to troubleshoot the most frequently seen problems in a data center based on VMware vSphere infrastructure? Join us for an overview of (1) understanding the methodology of problem solving, (2) recognizing the powerful troubleshooting tools available in VMware vCenter Server and VMware ESXi server, and (3) explore log files that help to diagnose and solve problems.

vSphere Troubleshooting: Tips and Tricks
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER1289BU | EU: SER1289BE]
VMware vSphere troubleshooting requires the mastery of the command line interface. Learning commands found on the VMware ESXi shell as well as the VMware vSphere Command Line Interface is a must for intermediate and advanced system administrators, and learning which commands are available and how to use them is priceless.

vCenter Server 6.5 Deep Dive and Troubleshooting
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2980BU | EU: SER2980BE]
VMware vCenter Server is at the heart of the software-defined data center and is an important element in ensuring organizational business continuity.

vSphere Performance Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER1534BU]
Is your virtual machine experiencing performance problems? In this two-part session, we will explore the proper tools to diagnose the problem in real time, whether it’s CPU, RAM, disk, or network resources.

Uncovering ESXTOP
Technical – Advanced [US: SER2905BU | EU: SER2905BE]
“ESXTOP is a built-in performance-monitoring tool that helps in understanding current resource utilization, resource trending, and making our hardware more of a useful utility that could host more scalably.
This session will uncover the exhaustive monitoring or troubleshooting for every aspect of CPU, memory, storage, and networking metrics.”

Advanced Troubleshooting of ESXi Server 6.x for vSphere Gurus
Technical – Advanced [US Only: SER2965BU]
With VMware ESXi Server being the core foundation for any VMware vCloud environment, understanding the different troubleshooting techniques following a logical and structured approach helps in maximizing uptime.

vSphere Upgrades and Lifecycle Management

vCenter Install, Upgrade, Update, and Migrate: What Does the Future Hold?
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER3148GU]
Group Discussion How will migration to the cloud impact installing, upgrading, and updating in VMware vCenter? This session discusses and discovers customer scenarios that bring the most value to you, the customer.

Auto Deploy or vSphere Update Manager: Which One Is Right for You and Why?
Technical – Introductory [US: SER3146GU | EU: SER3146GE]
Group Discussion Many customers are comfortable using VMware vSphere Update Manager while others have mastered ESXi Lifecycle using vSphere Auto Deploy.

Upgrading to vSphere 6.5 the VCDX Way
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2318BU | EU: SER2318BE]
Upgrades can be scary! In this session, two VMware Certified Design Experts will walk you through the design and planning steps necessary to upgrade a VMware vSphere environment.

VMware vSphere v6.5: A Customer’s Perspective on Migration Strategies
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER2507BU]
VMware vSphere v6.5 represents features, functionality, and tighter integration not found in earlier vSphere versions.

Technical Overview of VMware ESXi Host Lifecycle Management with Update Manager, Auto Deploy, and Host Profiles
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER1963BU | EU: SER1963BE]
VMware vSphere administrators are responsible for keeping critical infrastructure software patched so that it is as secure and reliable as possible.

How to Upgrade to vSphere 6.5 with Zero Downtime
Technical – Advanced [US: SER2068BU | EU: SER2068BE]
VMware IT upgraded its infrastructure of 140+ VMware vCenter servers, 3000 VMware vSphere servers, and 220,000 virtual machines from vSphere 6.0 to version 6.5, along with VMware NSX, VMware Site Recovery Manager, VMware vRealize Automation, VMware vCloud Director, and storage and backup solutions.

vCenter Server Management, Operations

Discuss vCenter Performance with Third-Party Tools, Plug-Ins, and Extensions
Business Focus [US Only: SER1897GU]
Lots of third-party tools are used by customers with VMware vCenter. Come to this session and learn about the variety of third-party tools used by different customers and discuss the vCenter performance issues you have seen when interacting with these tools.

Monitoring and Managing vCenter Server Appliance
Technical – Introductory [US: SER3145GU | EU: SER3145GE]
Group Discussion VMware vCenter Server Appliance is a preconfigured virtual appliance with operating system, database, and the vCenter Server application bundled together.

Platform Services Controller and vCenter Identity Roadmap and Feedback Discussion
Technical – Introductory [US: SER3149GU | EU: SER3149GE]
Group Discussion The identity services in VMware vCenter have evolved significantly since 5.0. This forum discusses general feedback about where customers see the VMware Platform Services Controller fitting into their environments.

vSphere HA: Your Challenges and Needs
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER3144GU]
Group Discussion VMware vSphere High Availability is an extremely popular and useful feature. Some of you prefer to enable it and forget it, but others like to dig deeper and leverage every capability.

Housekeeping Strategies for Platform Services Controller—Expert Talk
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER1166BU]
Platform Services Controller is an inevitable infrastructure component of the VMware vSphere cloud platform.

Meet the vCenter Server Experts Panel
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER1440PU]
Panel Discussion Curious about the deepest, darkest secrets of VMware vCenter Server? Attend this panel discussion with vCenter experts and engage in an open Q&A with some candid stories of the vCenter Server evolution.

Customers Share VMware vCenter War Stories
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER1756PU]
Panel Discussion In this panel session (moderated by a product manager) is to exchange enterprise customers will share “war stories” about VMware vCenter performance (Boeing is confirmed, and others are pending).

What’s New in vCenter
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2779BU | EU: SER2779BE]
Join to us to learn about the exciting new features in VMware vCenter. We’ll discuss and demo enhancements to vCenter Server Appliance, vCenter availability options, and streamlined deployment and update capabilities.

Defend Your vSphere Infrastructure from Evil with vCenter High Availability
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2933BU | EU: SER2933BE]
In this session, find out how to thwart the villainous gangs of thugs attempting to take down your VMware vCenter Server.

vSphere Certificate Management for Mere Mortals
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2936BU | EU: SER2936BE]
SSL certificates have become essential in securing access to our data centers and infrastructure. As VMware vSphere has evolved, so too have the processes, applications, and management of SSL certificates.

Become a Superhero Architect of Your vSphere SSO Domain
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2940BU | EU: SER2940BE]
VMware vSphere 6.x introduced some significant changes to the VMware vCenter Server and VMware vCenter Single Sign-On architecture.

Migrate to the vCenter Server Appliance You Should
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2958BU | EU: SER2958BE]
This session will cover the available options for migrating from a VMware vCenter Server for Windows to VMware vCenter Server Appliance.

vSphere HA: Leverage Its Full Potential
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER2540BU | EU: SER2540BE]
Do you think you know everything about VMware vSphere High Availability? Come to this session to test yourself.

Running on Zero Downtime, Zero Data Loss: Real-Life Cases with vSphere Fault Tolerance Users
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER3107PU]
Panel Discussion Hear from real-life users of Fault Tolerance from a variety of industries for different application types and use cases, as well as get a sneak peek of expanded use cases and what is next for the Fault Tolerance technology.

vSphere Clients

Journey to a vSphere HTML Client Ecosystem: Deep Dive with Big Switch Networks
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER2790BU]
One of the strengths of VMware is the power of its ecosystem of partners. VMware is accelerating its development of the VMware vSphere HTML client.

vSphere Clients Roadmap: HTML5 Client, Host Client, and Web Client
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER1411BU | EU: SER1411BE]
vSphere Client (HTML5) has been growing and evolving in public view, quickly incorporating customer feedback and adding functionality.

Discussion of vSphere Web Client (HTML5) and the Transition Experience
Technical – Intermediate [US: SER1792GU | EU: SER1792GE]
Group Discussion Come provide feedback directly to the product management team on the VMware vSphere Web Client (HTML5) released in VMware vSphere 6.5, which has also been released weekly in Fling form.

Discuss Plug-In Experience with the vSphere Client
Technical – Intermediate [US Only: SER3100GU]
Group Discussion How do you use management solutions with VMware vSphere today? How can we make your experience with all of these products similar to using one seamless solution, with access control, easy deployment and updates, and optimal performance? And how can we do all of these things on HTML? Whether you are a VMware customer, a partner, or just interested in learning more about VMware vSphere HTML client solutions or sharing your experience using management solutions with vSphere, you will bring back insight into best practices and the latest advancements in integrating solutions into a single vSphere client view.

Acting as One: Plug in to vSphere
Technical – Advanced [US Only: SER3101PU]
Panel Discussion If you have ever wondered how to deploy and update multiple solutions with the VMware vSphere client, test custom solutions without having to set up complex infrastructures, transition from flex to HTML plug-ins, or run plug-ins without affecting vSphere client performance, you’ll want to hear from our panel of developers, who are working to provide a seamless experience for solutions integrating with the new vSphere HTML client.

VM Lifecycle

Mastering the VMware Tools Lifecycle in Your vSphere Data Center
Technical – Introductory [US: SER1957BU | EU: SER1957BE]
VMware Tools is an essential part of a VMware vSphere infrastructure, providing optimized drivers and enhanced management capabilities for all supported guest operating systems.

Instant Clone 2.0
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER2273BU]
VMware Instant Clone 2.0 is better than before and ready for use! This talk will discuss the new architecture of Instant Clone that enables you to do more than ever before.

Migrate to Cloud Securely While Optimizing Copy Data: vMotion Has You Covered!
Technical – Introductory [US: SER2283BU | EU: SER2283BE]
This session will dive deeper into what VMware vSphere vMotion has introduced recently and what are we planning to do in the near term.

VMware Tools/Open-VM-Tools
Technical – Introductory [US Only: SER3147GU]
Group Discussion What are your current challenges with VMware Tools? What hinders updating your environment to the latest and greatest tools? Who controls tools, guest admin/vi-admin, and the process you follow to upgrade? What additional features and capabilities would you like to see in VMware Tools? Is it okay to bring security features or to introduce security admin in the mix?