5 Things That Might Haunt Your Data Center This Halloween

IT administrators everywhere: beware of these spooks that may haunt your data center. Managing a data center can be scary, but with vSphere 7 you can pacify these technological terrors.

Monster VMs

Virtual machines are getting frighteningly large with King Kong-sized footprints. Whether measured in terms of RAM or CPU, these massive VMs are more difficult to create, manage, and move. Thankfully, vSphere 7 supports the largest VMs in the industry, with up to 768 vCPUs and 24TB of RAM. And with improved vMotion, live migration of monster VMs is now a lot faster and less disruptive so you can move those monster VMs around without getting trampled.

Frankenstein Configurations

One of the keys to a more reliable and secure data center is maintaining consistent configurations, based on known-good versions of system software and firmware. But occasionally, due to carelessness or unauthorized science experiments, some systems can drift from these standardized configurations, triggering incompatibilities or opening security holes. With vSphere 7 Lifecycle Manager, you can define the desired state of your ideal configuration which will then be automatically monitored, preventing nonstandard Frankenstein configurations from taking on a life of their own.

Vampire AI

Everyone knows applications are the lifeblood of the modern digital business. But some applications are particularly thirsty for resources. AI and ML applications have an insatiable appetite for GPU processing power and can suck up a lot of the IT budget. With vSphere 7 as an AI-Ready Enterprise Platform, GPUs can fly like a bat from one application to another, being allocated and deallocated dynamically to applications that need hardware acceleration. This lets you easily share GPU resources and maximize their utilization, keeping your precious AI apps well fed without sticking your neck out.

Zombie Coworkers

While most of our fellow coworkers understand how to avoid malware, it only takes one careless employee to click on a dangerous link. Sometimes, a worker may even become an adversary, resorting to theft or sabotage. There’s no silver bullet that can stop these mindless beasts; you need several layers of security. vSphere 7 Intrinsic Security provides a crucial layer, including security enhancements such as Native Key Provider, Secure Encrypted Virtualization, Trust Authority and Identity Federation that may even help you survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

Ghostly Developers

Peaceful but rarely seen, we know these innovative spirits desperately want something, but we don’t always know what it is or how to quickly give it to them. We try to communicate, but the veil between our two worlds can make it difficult. Luckily, vSphere with Tanzu can reach through this veil like a séance. But don’t worry; you won’t have to hold hands. Developers will be able to independently provision the resources that they need, according to the quotas and limits you establish, freeing them from the chains that bind them to their past lives.

Hope you enjoyed this whimsical take on the latest vSphere 7 has to offer. Click here for more information on the latest vSphere 7 Update 3 release as well as vSphere 7 Update 3a, and visit the vSphere Upgrade Center when you’re ready for a treat. Happy Halloween!