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Update on the Apple 2019 Mac Pro 7,1 for ESXi

While VMware does not comment on future hardware enablement for our ESXi platform, we felt an update was warranted for our customers who have been inquiring about support for the Apple 2019 Mac Pro 7,1.

Due to various challenges of COVID-19 and the recent announcement from Apple on their transition away from x86 to Apple Silicon, VMware will no longer pursue hardware certification for the Apple 2019 Mac Pro 7,1 for ESXi.

For customers that require MacOS Virtualization, the following Apple hardware platforms are still supported:

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  1. Any news on how long the MacPro6,1 will be supported? I have a couple in production, and they’re fine for what they are, but they do have those old Ivy Bridge processors in them with no way forward, and the MacMini8,1 doesn’t really stack up. I understand *why* macOS guests don’t get much love, but it’s an amazing capability to have in a shop full of iOS developers.

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