TODAY: Join us for vSphere LIVE, on AI & ML

Hey! What are you doing at 11:30 AM Pacific today? Come on over to the vSphere YouTube Channel and tune into the July episode of vSphere LIVE. We’ll be talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As usual it’ll be me (Bob Plankers) asking all sorts of questions of our experts Justin Murray and Jim Brogan, and Ken Werneburg providing context and color commentary.

VMware has a lot going on at the infrastructure level to support AI & ML workloads, bringing all the operational niceties from vSphere to bear on these types of applications. Our plan is to start at the beginning — “what is AI & ML?” — and work our way to where we are today.

Bring your questions! We always answer questions live, so if you have questions it’s a great time to ask them.

There are lots of videos over on the vSphere YouTube Channel — subscribe to it so that you see new things as we post them!


vSphere LIVE Panel on AI & ML