Join us LIVE Tomorrow: vSphere Upgrading & Patching

To spice up the end of April we’re doing another vSphere LIVE session tomorrow morning (4/27, 9 AM Pacific) on upgrading and patching vSphere & vSAN. We’ll have four of our experts from vSAN and vSphere Technical Marketing, all of which have been doing upgrades for years both inside VMware and as customers themselves, and we’ll speak honestly and technically about the process. What’s easy? What’s not easy? What are you worried about that you shouldn’t be? What should you worry about?

Bring your questions to ask in the chat! We did this during the last live session and it was wonderful, answering real questions from hundreds of real folks like yourselves. No such thing as a silly question, remember that if you’re wondering about something many others are probably wondering it, too. With VMUGs and VMworld being virtual this year it’s not as easy to ask a question so this is a great opportunity.

Go over and click the YouTube “Set Reminder” bell, and come join us TOMORROW (4/27) at 9:00 AM Pacific.