Product Announcements

Announcing the vSphere 7 Hands-on Labs

Update 29 June 2020 – Added newly released vSphere 7 with Kubernetes lab to the list.

VMware Hands-on Labs are hosted lab environments where anyone can try VMware products with no installation or experience required. Each lab is accompanied by a lab manual which guides the user through a set of exercises used to demonstrate product capabilities and use cases. VMware Hands-on Labs are available for free to anyone and are great tools to learn a new product or feature or even study for an exam. And, since these are fully functional lab environments, users have the ability to go off-script and explore, test, and learn as they see fit.

Today we’re announcing three brand new vSphere 7 Hands-on Labs (HOLs for short). These HOLs focus on our latest vSphere offering and allow users to check out its new capabilities without having to download and install in their environments. The new labs are:

These vSphere 7 Hands-on Labs have about 4.5 hours of brand new exercises and content to help users learn all about our new vSphere 7 release.

Also, we just launched a VMware Cloud Foundation 4 Hands-on Lab that is built on vSphere 7. So there is plenty of content to check out and utilize to get your knowledge and skills updated. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the new labs!