Product Announcements

Announcing End of Availability for vSphere Platinum, vCloud Suite Platinum, and Cloud Foundation Platinum

VMware is announcing the End of Availability (EOA) of VMware vSphere Platinum, VMware Cloud Foundation Platinum, and VMware vCloud Suite Platinum product editions, effective April 2, 2020. After this date, the Platinum portfolio will no longer be available for purchase. VMware will continue to support the components of the above bundles through their respective published support periods.

The core editions that continue to be part of the vSphere lineup include vSphere Standard and vSphere Enterprise Plus.

If as of April 2, 2020, you are active on your Subscription and Support, your existing vSphere Platinum licenses will be fulfilled to vSphere Enterprise Plus and you will retain the VMware AppDefense Plugin for vSphere, as well as the full VMware AppDefense SaaS offering as per the duration of your license agreement. Separately, AppDefense SaaS will continue to be available as a standalone offering.

To download and install the AppDefense Plugin for vSphere, please refer to these instructions.

If you had purchased VMware Cloud Foundation Platinum, the vSphere Platinum component of the package will change as outlined above. There is no change to any other component of Cloud Foundation.

If you had purchased VMware vCloud Suite Platinum, the vSphere Platinum component of the package will evolve as outlined above. There is no change to the vRealize Suite component and its entitlement.

If you want to expand your existing Platinum footprint, you can purchase vSphere Enterprise Plus, subscribe to AppDefense SaaS offering and download the AppDefense Plug-in for vSphere using these instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact your VMware account team or VMware Partner. For questions regarding support, please contact VMware Support.