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Join us at Tech Field Day 18

On February 7th VMware subject matter experts will join the Tech Field Day team at Tech Field Day 18 in Austin, TX!

The brain child of GestaltIT, Tech Field Day is an independent IT influencer event that allows vendors to discuss products and/or features with industry leading bloggers, speakers, and podcasters. Taken from the About Tech Field Day page; “events bring together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format.” GestaltIT’s Stephen Foskett has been running Tech Field Day about 10 years and as a matter of fact, VMware presented at Tech Field Day 1 back in November 2009. We are very excited to be back on the docket in 2019!

Join VMware presenters, John Nicholson Sr. Technical Marketing Architect for vSAN and Nigel Hickey Technical Marketing Engineer for vCenter Server, at Tech Field Day 18 for discussions about vSAN/vSphere Health and how leveraging VMware’s intelligent framework to analyze pre-conditions can remove uncertainty as well as provide technical guidance for customer environments.

Below is the full replay of our Tech Field Day presentation. It is sliced up into shorter sections to make it easier to find the content that is most relevant to you. Enjoy and please leave feedback in the comments below. These videos are also available on Vimeo here.

Day 0 in the Life of a VMware Virtualization Admin

Day 30 in the Life of a VMware Virtualization Admin

Day 180 in the Life of a VMware Virtualization Admin

Day 365 in the Life of a VMware Virtualization Admin

Learn more about vSAN/vSphere Health: