vSphere 6.5 Encryption FAQ now available

I’m really pleased to announce the availability of the vSphere 6.5 VM and vSAN Encryption FAQ! This FAQ is built upon over a year of questions that have come in to me on both VM and vSAN Encryption. We’ve reached critical mass and now it’s time to share!

Like most FAQ’s, the intent is that this be updated on a regular basis. The list is sorted by the type of questions. Everything from Administration and algorithm’s to TLS and vMotion is covered. The FAQ goes into nitty-gritty details and provides insights into subjects like random number generators, entropy, key management and cryptography. There are links to documentation, YouTube videos and whitepapers and more.

If your security team is asking about anything to do with VM or vSAN Encryption then this is the place to send them!

encryption faq browser

The FAQ is hosted on vSphere Central. vSphere Central is compendium of curated technical resources devoted to vSphere. You can learn more about vSphere Central at the blog post.

You can get directly to the FAQ here on vSphere Central.

I’d like to thank those that have helped out in producing this FAQ and reviewing it. Your help has been invaluable.


If you have questions that haven’t been answered you can reply here, send them to mfoley at or via Twitter to @vspheresecurity. @vspheresecurity is a curated list of vSphere Security specific tweets.