The VMware Certified IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 Plug-in Solution Capabilities:

Managing backup and recovery systems can be complex, especially with the volume of data being produced by modern businesses. IBM Spectrum Protect simplifies this process by delivering an intuitive and comprehensive data protection solution that makes it easy to take advantage of the cloud.  You can deploy IBM Spectrum Protect on the cloud to protect cloud-hosted data, or serve as a replicate site for on-premises backups. Built-in performance and efficiency features make it easy to migrate business class backups to the cloud and still meet recovery objectives. By scaling with the data it protects, IBM Spectrum Protect can help you to stay on top of backup and recovery with less complexity and cost.

IBM Restore Option – Screenshot #1

IBM Spectrum Protect VM Restore – Screenshot #2

BENEFITS: What are the benefits of IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 Plug-in Solution for vSphere?

The VMware-certified plug-in solution from IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 has many benefits:

  • Provides comprehensive data protection for cloud-hosted and on-premises data
  • Guided workflows built into vSphere give VMware Administrators more control of backups and restores
  • At a glance monitoring thru the use of a dashboard.  Monitor capacity, peak loads, and efficiencies
  • It is a replication site for on-premises backups
  • Enables graphical management at sites that don’t allow add-on software on Administrator workstations
  • Backup and recovery is less complex and less costly

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VIDEO: Watch it in Action – IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 Plug-in Solution:

IBM Spectrum Protect for VMware Administrators

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IBM Spectrum Protect for Easier VMware Backups to the Cloud

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Many companies are building and certifying their plug-in.  We have seen a surge in HTML 5 plugins being certified in 2017. Through VMware certification program, partners can ensure a better end user experience and have the trusted VMware brand behind their plug-in.  Look for new partner web client plug-in certifications in 2017!   Thanks to all of our partners for supporting the VMware vSphere web client plug-in certification and partner program.  

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