We have released a new set of videos to help customers understand in greater depth some of the new capabilities of vSphere 6.5 and PowerCLI 6.5.  These videos use an innovative format known as the Light Board, which allows a presenter to white board their session while still speaking to the camera.  The result is more engaging and easier to follow way of learning about a topic in more detail.


The first set of videos cover the new security features of vSphere 6.5.  In this one, Mike Foley goes into  VM encryption and vMotion encryption.

Mike goes over Secure Boot for ESXi in this next one:

vCenter Server

In the next set, Emad Younis and Adam Eckerle dig a little deeper into various vCenter Server Topics. First, Adam covers the new vCenter High Availability feature (VCHA):

Next, Emad goes over some topology considerations for vCenter Server deployment

Finally, Emad talks about some factors involved when planning upgrade of vCenter Server and migration to the VCSA.


And lastly, Kyle Ruddy compares API access methods available in PowerCLI.

We hope you enjoy diving deeper into these topics using this format.  If you have any suggestions for future Light Boards, please let us know in the comments.  You can also find the full vSphere 6.5 playlist on the vSphere Channel on YouTube.  Enjoy!





About the Author

Charu Chaubal is the Director of Technical Marketing for the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware, and runs the team that works on the vSphere product line. He has been at the company since 2006, and has been responsible for customer education and sales enablement for a wide range of datacenter technologies, such as hypervisor security, hyperconverged storage, and virtualization of data science applications. Previously, he worked at Sun Microsystems, where he had over 7 years experience with architecting distributed resource management and HPC infrastructure software solutions.