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VMworld 2016: Availability and Resource Management Session Guide

VMworld 2016 US continues to highlight why vSphere is the unparalleled platform for trusted business applications when guaranteed performance and availability are crucial to business success.  We are continuing to evolve the vSphere platform to make it possible for enterprise and managed service providers to provide higher SLAs, while simplifying the configuration and operations overhead.

Availability sessions include INF8045 & INF9151 which show how vSphere HA and vSphere FT provide infrastructure level availability to any OS or application.  If you wanted to see how to proactively prevent an outage do to a hardware failure, head over to INF8020 and see how we are partnering with hardware vendors to keep virtual machines available when physical component failures are detected.

Is operations management your jam?  Get more hours back in your day by using the new features in the vSphere platform and vRealize Operations.  Do things smarter, not harder.  Session INF7825 will show how vR Ops and DRS are working together on managing resources, INF7825 will show you how to manage the lifecycle of your VM templates and other content, and INF7825 will show how using vMotion, you move workloads anywhere without any downtime.

Lets not forget about performance though.  VMworld 2016 will not have a shortage of sessions that focus on performance and resource management.  Come see session INF7827 for a deep dive on DRS.  INF8553 will show how vR Ops WLP expands on DRS to manage resources when they span clusters.  There will also be two sessions as part of the Extreme Performance series which highlights DRS algorithm, and reviews the basic counters that DRS uses for load placement decisions.  These will be covered in session INF8089 & INF8959.

And finally we have brought back the heavy hitters.  Frank (The Tank) Denneman will grace us all with his presence to discuss the importance of physical host design in session INF8430.

Click here or a complete list of Availability and Resource Management sessions. From there it’s very simple to add these sessions to your schedule using the VMworld Schedule Builder.

It’s going to be a great week, and I hope to see you there!

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