Apps-as-a-Service sub-section of the BCA homepage

A new section to the public facing Business Critical Applications Homepage was introduced last week.  It is called the “Applications-as-a-Service”. The section will aggregate collateral from all applications that are considered to be mission critical but do not necessarily fit within the more established and well-known application and database categories such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.   We chose the title “apps-as-a-service” because so many of these applications that reside on the periphery of the mission critical space depend heavily on instant provisioning and subsequent reclaiming of resources.  The infrastructure flexibility that is required for High Performance Computing, Critical Big Data and Database-as-a-Service architectures is addressed perfectly by the platform of virtualized hardware known as vSphere.  Please stop by and read about how we are extending the classic definition and realm of BCA to include these modern applications that are so well suited for virtualized infrastructure.