Oracle Licensing Discussion – The Definitive Collateral Collection

The Oracle licensing webinar was broadcast on Mar19, 2015 and the replay is available at the link below. The webinar and the link, hosted by Database Trends and Analysis (DBTA) was delivered as a collaborative effort between VMware and a number of VMware partners. Don Sullivan moderated the event which included individual presentations of approximately 15 minutes each followed by a robust question and answer session. The presenters, who delivered, their own customized corporate presentations, included the world renowned founder of House of Brick, Dave Welch followed by “License Consulting” founder Daniel Hesselink. The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) also joined us on the eve of their Flagship event “Collaborate” taking place in April at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Dan Young, the President of the new IOUG VMware Special Interest Group (SIG) who is also the Director of Database Services at Indiana University also joined the conversation. An article describing the event has been included as well. The contact information for these partners is listed below as well.

The “Understanding Oracle Licensing, Certification and Support” guide, updated in March 2015 is included in this list along with the results of the IOUG membership survey from 2014 and a link to sign up for the VMware IOUG SIG.

1.   Oracle on VMware Licensing Webinar Direct Link to DBTA

2.  The Article Corresponding the webinar

3.  Updated Understanding Oracle Licensing, Certification and Support VMware guide

4.  List of the Oracle licensing consulting partners House of Brick – (Dave Welch) and  License Consulting – (Daniel Hesselink)

5.  IOUG Oracle Virtualization Platform decision Survey report

6.  IOUG VMware Special Interests group(SIG) sign up