Elite Database Workshop Program – SQL Server Event #2

The 3rd VMware Elite Database Workshop is set to start at 7AM on Tuesday April 21.  The program is an invitation only event for the some of the world’s top SQL Server experts in which VMware selects groups of database specialists within various disciplines to include Oracle and SQL Server and soon to include Big Data and other data focused areas.   The experience consists of Executive Welcomes from both VMware and the storage partner in delivering a particular event.  In this case the partner is Tintri who is providing an 880 high end flash array for the customized labs which will challenge both the creativity and technical expertise of the workshop attendees.  The bulk of the three days will be filled with presentations and open discussion with VMware engineers and product specialists. Well known industry luminaries such as Richard McDougal and Jeff Buell will join the rich lineup over these three days.  The attendee list includes.   Steve Jones, Tim Ford, Arnie Rowland, Wendy Pastrick, Eddie Wurech, Robert Davis, Sean McCown, Allan Hirt, Geoff Hiten,  Randy Knight, Chris Shaw, Jason Strate, Brandon Leach, Shawn Meyers, Melissa Connors. Alumni guests include David Klee, Mike Corey and Denny Cherry.