Performance Unplugged: Demanding Applications

Welcome to a new video series I’ve titled “Performance Unplugged”

In this video series, I’ll showcase a number of talented performance gurus and cover commonly asked questions and topics. Performance of the Software-Defined Datacenter should no longer be a concern for customers and we’ll explain why. Links to the latest information pertaining to the topic will also be provided.

Episode 1

First up, I’d like to introduce Reza Taheri. Reza talks about virtualizing demanding applications. While “demanding” can be a subjective classification, in my experience, it constitutes only a small percentage (<5%) of an enterprise’s application set. It is that small set of applications that may require the implementation of advanced parameters. Otherwise, out-of-the-box configuration should meet most customer performance requirements.

Below are some resources that describe the most commonly implemented advanced parameters for demanding applications:

Reza’s full talk, from VMworld 2014 about demanding applications, is available for free here: