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Welcome to a new video series I’ve titled “Performance Unplugged”

In this video series, I’ll showcase a number of talented performance gurus and cover commonly asked questions and topics. Performance of the Software-Defined Datacenter should no longer be a concern for customers and we’ll explain why. Links to the latest information pertaining to the topic will also be provided.

Episode 1

First up, I’d like to introduce Reza Taheri. Reza talks about virtualizing demanding applications. While “demanding” can be a subjective classification, in my experience, it constitutes only a small percentage (<5%) of an enterprise’s application set. It is that small set of applications that may require the implementation of advanced parameters. Otherwise, out-of-the-box configuration should meet most customer performance requirements.

Below are some resources that describe the most commonly implemented advanced parameters for demanding applications:

Reza’s full talk, from VMworld 2014 about demanding applications, is available for free here:

About the Author

Mark Achtemichuk

Mark Achtemichuk currently works as a Staff Engineer within VMware’s R&D Operations and Central Services Performance team, focusing on education, benchmarking, collaterals and performance architectures.  He has also held various performance focused field, specialist and technical marketing positions within VMware over the last 7 years.  Mark is recognized as an industry expert and holds a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX#50) certification, one of less than 250 worldwide. He has worked on engagements with Fortune 50 companies, served as technical editor for many books and publications and is a sought after speaker at numerous industry events.  Mark is a blogger and has been recognized as a VMware vExpert from 2013 to 2016.  He is active on Twitter at @vmMarkA where he shares his knowledge of performance with the virtualization community. His experience and expertise from infrastructure to application helps customers ensure that performance is no longer a barrier, perceived or real, to virtualizing and operating an organization's software defined assets.