VMware is excited to collaborate with Fusion-io, a leader in flash solutions with deployments by more than 6,000 customers, to provide customers a range of 15 enterprise-class PCI-E SSDs certified for Virtual SAN™   (see the VSAN Compatibility Guide). Virtual SAN™ leverages the speed and power of server-side flash to deliver a high-performance cache in front of direct-attached disks to provide scalable and cost-effective shared storage solutions.

For a synopsis of how Fusion-io is working with VMware to provide the best enterprise-class solutions, watch Fusion-io clips from Gary Orenstein, CMO and Sean Hehir, VP of Strategic Alliances.

VMware and Fusion-io have also embarked on a multi-city seminar tour in the U.S. and Canada to provide more technical and deployment information for customers, and plan to add more cities. Register for an upcoming seminar here.

Finally, if you are planning to deploy Virtual SAN™, for a limited time after Virtual SAN™ GA, Fusion-io is offering a special promotion of up to $4,500 off your ioMemory purchase. Get the details on Fusion-io VSAN Early Adopter Program.