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Next in our Extreme Performance Series mini-track, I’d like to highlight the following vCenter performance breakout.  Remember, you’ll want to attend the whole series to learn about performance across the stack.

VSVC5234 – Extreme Performance Series: vCenter of the Universe

Ravi Soundararajan, Principal Engineer, VMware
Justin King, Technical Marketing, VMware

Deploying vCenter server correctly can be a daunting task with many considerations and services. This advanced technical session will provide an understanding of the inner architecture and workings of vCenter to help the end user deploy and manage vCenter with the best performance in mind. Finally future directions will be discussed by product management and how they’ll positively impact scalability and performance.


While the abstract for this breakout might be light, I think we can all agree that when vCenter performs, administrators are happier people.  With so many virtualization functions dependent on vCenter, its performance needs to be well understood and managed.  So how do we ensure we get every last drop of performance out of it?  In this session, Ravi and Justin, two amazing vCenter gurus, will break down the architecture of vCenter, its current and future set of components, how far they can be scaled, and lastly, how you can tune its performance.  Additionally, learn about accessing the performance data it holds and how to exploit the programmatic interfaces with tools like StatsFeeder.  If you’ve ever worried about vCenter performance, don’t miss this session.

Excited to see you all there!


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