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vSphere Data Protection – Interesting Lab Validation Report

I don’t typically write a blog article about another blog article as that seems kind of silly. However, I found the following information quite interesting so below is a quick summary and link which leads to the full article.

VMware asked the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to test and develop a report on vSphere Data Protection (VDP) to quantify the efficiency in data de-duplication and recovery time. Results:

  • VDP’s unique variable-length de-duplication can decrease backup storage by a factor of 4 compared to commonly used fixed-length de-duplication technologies
  • 6x faster recovery when VDP uses Changed Block Tracking (CBT) during recovery as compared to a conventional backup utility
  • Last, but not least – a nice quote on ease of use: “ESG Lab confirmed that VDP is a robust and easy-to-use solution that provides tightly integrated data protection for VMware vSphere environments. VDP’s simple, intuitive user interface is built specifically for virtualization and the solution is delivered as a virtual appliance, making implementation and management easy.”

Hopefully, you are now intrigued enough to read the full article and perhaps the entire report – both of which can be found here.