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Interesting Storage Stuff at VMworld 2012 Barcelona

Last month, I put together a short article on what I thought would be interesting to check out from a VMworld 2012 San Francisco perspective. On the run up to VMworld 2012 Barcelona, I thought I would do a similar post.

Disclaimer – Once again, the vSphere storage blog has to remain storage vendor neutral to retain any credibility. VMware doesn’t favour any one storage partner over another. I’m not personally endorsing any of these vendor’s products either. What I’m posting here are just a few vendors/products that are interesting to me from a storage perspective.

Pure Storage – Lot of new and very cool vSphere integration features, include a new web client management plugin for vSphere 5.1.They also have new protocols and VAAI features. Read more about it here.

Tintri – They won Best of VMworld 2012 Gold award in Hardware for Virtualization in San Francisco. New snapshot and cloning functionality, new VAAI NAS primitives & some upcoming cool replication technology. More detail here.

Violin Memory – The flash storage backing the new Monster VM and 1,000,000 IOPs from a single VM which was mentioned by Steve Herrod in the keynotes. Fantastic technology, and well worth a look. Lots of vSphere integration features in the works too. More here.

Nimbus Data – Recently announced their new Gemini all flash storage array. Make their won flash drives and claim to support them for 10 years. Met with them at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco and was very impressed by their technology. You can read more about them here.

As you can tell, flash is hot right now. Three of the four vendors mentioned here are all flash array vendors. I suspect we are going to see more and more all flash arrays in the not too distant future. VMworld is a great opportunity to catch up what is happening in the world of storage. And these folks love talking about their technologies. Go check them out in Barcelona.

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