By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

More and more storage vendors are certifying their stretched cluster solutions. Recently NetApp and IBM have both been added to the VMware HCL. Below you can find the links to the KB article which describe the supported configuration and the tested scenarios.

Those at the point of deploying a stretched cluster I would highly recommend reading these KB articles. Get as familiar as you can with the failure scenarios described, test them over and over again. This is key for operating a stretched cluster and will also give you a deep understanding of how your environment responds to failures.

About the Author

Duncan Epping

Duncan is a Chief Technologist working in the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware, serving as a partner and truster adviser to EMEA customers. He is the co-author of several books, including the vSphere Clustering Deepdive series and Essential Virtual SAN. He is the owner and main author of virtualization blog