By William Lam, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

A new whitepaper was recently released by VMware called Backup Design for vCloud Tenant vApps to help provide guidance to partners looking to design and build backup solutions for tenant vApps running in vCloud Director. The document covers the complete process for a backup and restore of a vApp or individual Virtual Machines running in vCloud Director. It also covers several different use cases related to the backup and restore process and provides recommendations on the specific scenarios.

The process involves leveraging three key VMware APIs:

The white paper also provides some sample code using C# but you also have the option of using any of the supported vSphere and vCloud SDKs in your actual application.

So if you are interesting in building a backup solution for vApps in vCloud Director, make sure you check out this awesome whitepaper!

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About the Author

William Lam

William Lam is currently a Staff Solutions Architect in the VMware Cloud on AWS team within the Cloud Platform Business Unit (CPBU) at VMware. He primarily focus on Automation, Integration and Operation of our Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC). One of his core responsibilities is driving VMC’s Customer[0] initiative and help provide early feedback on the usability, design and architecture of new VMC features and capabilities. He works closely with Engineering & Product Management on developing new ideas and integrations for VMC. Lastly, through customer interactions and feedback he continues to help champion their challenges and needs to help further improve our products and services.