Product Announcements

Have you seen vBenchmark yet? Free tool for evaluating your virtualized infrastructure and comparing you to peers!



vBenchmark is a free tool to measure the performance of a VMware virtualized infrastructure across three categories: efficient resource utilization, operational agility, and quality of service. Please visit to download the application.

vBenchmark directly queries existing vCenter Server data to provide a succinct set of metrics to help you measure and communicate configuration, activity and availability of your VMware virtualized private cloud.  vBenchmark takes a snapshot of configurations, tasks and events from vCenter Server databases and returns a succinct set of metrics in each category. Snapshots are a quick and easy way to communicate key measures within your organization.  As your private cloud evolves, measure changes over time by taking periodic snapshots and comparing your metrics. In addition, contribute your metrics to a community repository and in return, receive Peer Group benchmarks to see how your results compare. 

Key features of vBenchmark:
•    Retrieve metrics across one or multiple vCenter Servers
•    Include or exclude hosts at the Cluster level to further refine your analysis
•    Save queries and compare over time to measure changes as your environment evolves
•    Define your Peer Group by geographic region, industry and company size, then see how you stack up

What can you do with vBenchmark?
•    Easily collect and evaluate operational metrics on ongoing basis to gauge efficiency
•    Provide valuable insight to customers around their IT environment
•    Help identify promising areas for IT initiatives
•    Recommend products and services to improve areas to affect metrics

We continue to seek feedback from our user base as vBenchmark is downloaded and deployed. Please let us know your questions and concerns as they arise. We will listen to your feedback, prioritize requests and introduce new features and functions in the next release.