Product Announcements

Become a true ESXi expert with the new FREE VMware eLearning course and ebook offer!

Great news for all VMware customers: the VMware Education Services team has just made available a new, FREE elearning course dedicated to ESXi , “Transition to ESXi Essentials”. The course is a self-paced three-hour online training that provides the knowledge necessary to make fundamental design decisions to successfully add VMware ESXi to a vSphere environment and to take advantage of all of the new features included in ESXi 4.1. The training is ideal for system administrators, consultants and engineers responsible for managing and supporting a vSphere environment.

But it doesn’t end here! By completing the Transition to ESXi Essentials course and the short survey that follows at the end, you will also receive a FREE ebook copy of “VMware ESXi: Planning, Implementation, and Security authored by Dave Mishchenko and edited by VMware technical experts. Dave’s book is truly a phenomenal resource for all VMware users to learn everything there is to know about ESXi. While the Transition to ESXi Essentials course will remain available for free in the VMware Education Services portal, we’ll be able to also offer Dave’s book for free only while supplies last. So, hurry up, complete the training and turn in your survey as soon as possible!

For those of you who want to get a more direct hands-on experience on ESXi, VMware Education Services continues to offer an in-depth instructor-led two day course (in this case for a fee). Here is the link to class schedule and registration.

As you all know very well by now, 4.1 is the last release for ESX. Future releases of vSphere – starting with the next one – will only be based on the ESXi hypervisor architecture. Needless to say, now is the time to ramp up your expertise about ESXi and how to take advantage of its unique capabilities. The training options discussed above are just a couple of the several resources you can leverage to learn about ESXi. Others that are strongly recommended to help you become the ultimate ESXi expert are: