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ESXi Convergence – Are you prepared or is this no big deal?

Many of already know that the delivery of the next version of vSphere means the ability to deploy virtualized hosts on the ESXi architecture rather than having the choice of either ESXi or ESX (sometimes called ESX classic) as you have today.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that a majority of customers I have spoken with are getting this message and preparing quite well for the migration or are just deploying ESXi moving forward. Here are some tips I can think of when moving from ESX to ESXi:

1. Think about any agents you have running in the COS (mgmt, backup, etc.) and check with those vendors to see how ESXi now delivers gathers that information. In many cases, there is just a different method for achieving the same result.

2. Think about the scripting you have done or created for that host running ESX and how that could be impacted.

Fortunately for users both of these cases are well documented and notes on the ESX and ESXi Info Center.

Let's hear from you folks about this. Are you ready? Do you have a particular ask in mind that would make this upgrade or migration easier? Is there a concern you have or is it truly no big deal?

We would like to hear from you.


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