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64 bit is almost here – are you ready?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to remind everyone, of what I have already seen floating around the internet, but still important enough to remind.  Our next release of SRM is going to require a 64 bit OS.  This is the same as our next release of VC as it too will require a 64 bit host OS.  This change is required to support the increased capabilities of our products.  As we scale our products to match our customers needs, generally 1 – 2 years in advance of where they will need all the capabilities of a given product we have had to use a 64 bit OS.  This will show itself in increased numbers in things like more simultaneous vSphere client connections.

I have looked at the upgrade instructions for moving from a 32 bit platform to a 64 bit platform for both VC and SRM.  In fact, I am testing them now as I take a break to write this.  Our release notes (and VC upgrade guide) will help you with what needs to be done, and for SRM I will provide additional help in this blog.  But look forward to this, as a 64 bit OS is what we need to start delivering great new capabilities!


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