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The 3 Major Benefits of vStorage Thin Provisioning

Increase Storage Utilization

Eliminate the need to dedicate full capacity upfront while still providing application users with the capacity they need for future growth. VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning lets you subscribe more capacity to virtual machines than they actually have, eliminating the waste of resources and space caused by unused over-allocated storage. With VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning storage administrators can increase their storage utilization by letting them dedicate more storage than the actual capacity.

Enhance Application Uptime for Improved Business Continuity

Eliminate application downtime by simplifying storage provisioning. Managing storage allocations to support dynamic environments can be a time-consuming process that requires extensive coordination between application owners, virtual machine owners and storage administrators, often resulting in downtime for critical applications.

Furthermore, delay during the process of storage allocation at any layer, storage to application can result in prolonged application downtime. By eliminating the need to periodically provision more capacity, VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning eliminates application downtime.

Simplify Storage Capacity Management

Let your application users proactively manage storage capacity transparent to the storage administrators and eliminate the manual processes requiring careful planning and coordination by IT management, storage administrators, system administrators, and application administrators.  In addition, VMware vSphere provides a single management point to set alarms and alerts required to safely thin provision storage to virtual machines.

Get a single unified tool for multiple storage or non-intelligent storage to thinly provision and eliminate the need to provisioning storage frequently. vStorage Thin Provisioning is a powerful storage enabling technology which streamlines capacity management for the storage and server teams.

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