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Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Jan 28th 2013

Hello readers! This week we have a great selection of posts from a sneak peak, how-to install,to mention a couple. You will not be disappointed. Maybe it will inspire you to write something and get it shared here. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

myvirtualcloud.net by Andre Leibovici -VMware View Pool Manager (Sneak Peek)

Andre is giving us a nice sneak peak on VMware View Pool Manager.

One of the biggest challenges VMware View administrators face in large deployments is desktop pool maintenance. Commonly each desktop pool has Active Directory security groups with the number of users a given desktop pool will support.

Read the full article here

DEFINIT by Sam McGeown – Installing the VMware Support Assistant

Sam gives an excellent how-to installation guide for the new Support Assistant.

So VMware’s Support Assistant is pretty awesome and it’s free! I thought I’d do a quick run through of the installation and set up for anyone who was interested, it’s fairly straightforward and if you raise a lot of calls or have multiple calls on the go it’s a time saver!

Read full article here

Viktorious.nl by Viktorious – Some pitfalls when installing vCenter SSO using a custom DB

Here Viktorious talks about vCenter SSO and some of the troubles.

When installing vCenter Single Sign On (SSO) you have three options:

  • Install SSO as part of the VMware vCenter Simple Install option – In this case vCenter SSO, the vCenter Webservices and vCenter Server will be installed by one single wizard using default settings;
  • Install SSO as a separate product, using the included SQL Server Express database;
  • Install SSO as a separate product, using an existing database server (Oracle, MS SQL or DB2).

Read full Article here

Virtualization Review by Elias Khnaser Cloud Orchestration: What It Is, Why You Need It

Elias leads a great discussion about what Cloud Orchestration is and exactly why to use it..

The cloud is going to arrive in bits and pieces, not in a large uprooting of environments. When I try to explain that to some customers, they automatically change the conversation because they are not interested in cloud. Some of them view the cloud as a threat or they simply don’t understand it.

Read full article here

Jume by Bouke Groenescheij uMU, my Raspberry Pi vSphere monitor

Bouke discusses one of the hottest products out today and how he used it with vSphere.

Yesterday I tweeted a picture showing off my Raspberry Pi with bi coloured LEDs (Red and Green). I’ve always wanted something to put on my desk, with LEDs, checking vCenters and/or ESX(i) hosts. After experimenting with the Arduino, I knew this system would be a stand alone application (requiring something like an external VM, doing the checks, sending the Arduino the status). I wanted a standalone device, as small like the Arduino, capable of checks against vCenter. As you all know, the Raspberry Pi is suitable for that task.

Read full article here

That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!

Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Jan 21st 2013

Hello readers! This week there was so many great posts, it was really tough. However I feel that there are some real thought provoking post here. Maybe it will inspire you to write something and get it shared here. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

The SLOG by Simon Long – VMware Mirage: Speed Up Centralization In Your Test Environments

Simon Long tells you how to quickly and easily to disable bandwidth throttling in Mirage.

I’ve been working with Mirage quite a bit over the past few months and I wanted to share a little tweak that can help speed up Centralization and other network intensive processes.

Disclaimer: As stated in the title of this post, this is great for Test environments. I wouldn’t however recommend you configure this on your production environment unless you fully understand the impact of the changes.

Read the full article here

Horizon Flux by Tim Arenz – ThinApp scripting with VBScript

Tim discusses how you can utilize VBScript with-in your ThinApp deployment.

Most of the times when I talk to our customers they want some functionality in ThinApp which it doesn’t offered out of the box.  For example:

  • Allow to run a virtualized application only until a specific date.
  • Update a configuration file every time the applications is launched.
  • Allow an application only to be executed when user is inside the corporate office.
  • Messure the usage of an application.
  • Enforce licensing restriction.
  • And so on…

Read full article here

The Lone SysAdmin by Bob Plankers – Explaining Things Simply

In this post Bob does great job at making you think in this post..

Humans try to make everything really, really complicated. Sometimes we need the complexity but we often do it just because we can. We do it without thinking about it, perhaps a subliminal way of telling people to check out our species’ big brains.

Read full article here

Double Cloud by Steve Jin – Simple Logging in Java Application

Here Steve talks about a logging in Java Application development.

Logging is a common requirement for application. In Java world, there are a few frameworks, the first and the most famous of which is the log4j from Apache foundation. Java included its own logging APIs afterwards. You can find many discussions which one is better in terms of use of use, flexibility, and performance. To reconcile the two APIs, a common abstraction called Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) was created. As SLF4J works with both log4j and Java logging, you can switch between them easily (in theory).

Read full Article here

Robert van den Nieuwendijk’s Blog by Robert van den Nieuwendijk -Get VMware vCenter Scheduled Tasks with PowerCLI

Rob discusses some PowerCLI tips you can use with vSphere.

VMware vSphere PowerCLI is missing cmdlets to work with VMware vCenter Scheduled Tasks. In a series of blog posts I will show you some PowerShell advanced functions that you can use to work with vCenter Scheduled Tasks. The first function is Get-VCScheduledTask. You can use this function to retrieve one or more scheduled tasks from your vCenter Server.

Read full article here

That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!

Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Jan 14th 2013

Hello readers! The past few months have been hectic and I have not be able to post these in awhile. Well we are back and going to be here each week to bring you 5 great picks from our Blog feed. The best thing for me is reading all this great content each week, the tough part is only narrowing it down to 5 posts. So, if you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

Jason Nash’s Blog by Jason Nash – New TrainSignal Course: vCenter Operations Manager Implementation

Who doesn’t like training? Here Jason talks about the new course offered by TrainSignal on vCenter Operations Manager. Also providing an embedded sample video in the post.

That time again!  I’m proud once more to announce a new course from TrainSignal.  This time it’s on vCenter Operations Manager, a product that I love and think is very useful to most vSphere admins out there.  We’ve had a huge amount of interest in vCOPs from our customers but there hasn’t been much training available out there, especially for the more advanced features.

Read the full article here

ESXVirtualization Mag by  Vladan SEGET- How-to reset root password in VDP – VMware vSphere Data Protection

Vladan talks about the steps required to reset the VDP root password. This is valuable as you maybe entering a shop utilizing this but old IT staff didn’t document the initial password change, or you simply forgot what you set the password to.

In this how-to you’ll see How-to reset root password in VDP (vSphere Data Protection). VDP is bundled with vSphere Essentials Plus, so If you’re on this package, you have the possibility to use it and backup your VMs.

Read full article here

vmware admins by Eric Sarakaitis – Installing and Configuring VMware Horizon Connector

In this post Eric guides you through the installation of Horizon Connector.

Much like the VMware Horizon Application Manager (installation of the VMware Horizon Application Manager appliance is documented here), the VMware Horizon Connector is an appliance provided by VMware.

Read full article here

frankdenneman by Frank Denneman – Adding new disk to an existing virtual machine in a Storage DRS Datastore Cluster

Here Frank talks about adding another disk to the Storage DRS Datastore Cluster and the behavior and affects of doing so.

Recently I had some discussions where I needed to clarify the behavior of Storage DRS when the user adds a new disk to a virtual machine that is already running in the datastore cluster. Especially what will happen if the datastore cluster is near its capacity?

Read full Article here

TECHHEAD by Simon Seagrave – What is the VMware Horizon Workspace App?

Simon talks about the app he discovered Horizon Workspace  and it’s release.

Whilst browsing through the Apple AppStore with my iPad I noticed that VMware have released the Horizon Workspace App, which is available for free download on both the iPhone and iPad.  The Horizon Workspace App is part of the VMware Horizon Suite and for those of you not familiar with VMware’s Horizon Suite, it brings together the areas of applicationsdataand virtual desktop access into a single integrated end user computing (EUC) offering. It provide users with a one-stop-shop to access Windows, Android, iOS, web and SaaS applications, along with their files & access to their virtual desktop all from a single workspace on their work or personal device.  By using the VMware Horizon Workspace application users will have the ability to use their own devices with self-service access to applications, virtual desktop and data on a range of popular devices such as the iPhone, Andriod based phones and tablets such as Apple’s iPad.

Read full article here

That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!

Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Sept 2nd 2012

This past week was VMworld US 2012 held out in San Francisco, it was great event and so much great content was written. This insurgence of great posts made it even harder to choose this weeks Top 5. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

vNugglets by Matt Boren – Even Faster PowerCLI Code with Get-View, UpdateViewData() and LinkedViews

The need for speed we all crave is tremendous. Matt talks about how to achieve more speed in some PowerCLI scripts

We are always looking for speed, speed, speed in our PowerShell / PowerCLI scripts.  When properly used, the Get-View cmdlet is known to be far faster than using other PowerCLI cmdlets for getting info (such as Get-VM, Get-VMHost, Get-Datastore, etc.).  It can take quite a bit longer to write a script using Get-View versus using other cmdlets, but the speed payoff is usually well worth the additional upfront time investement.  VMware has provided a way to speed things up even more.

Read the full article here

Virtual BITS & BYTES by Niels Engelen – vSphere Data Recovery (VDR) is dead! Welcome vSphere Data Protection (VDP)!

Niels Engelen discusses the new backup tool vSphere Data Protection. Here Niels gives a nice overview on what it is and some of the benefits.

With the new release on vSphere 5.1 VMware also released a new backup tool called vSphere Data Protection (VDP). This will replace the previous tool called vSphere Data Recovery. With this tool VMware will compete with other third-party software vendors like Veeam and PHD.

Read full article here

Virtually Ghetto  by William Liam – Project Nanosphere

In this post William talks about one of the #notsupported community presentations, Project Nanosphere.

The #NotSupported event at the VMworld Community Lounge ended with a very special presentation by our very own Randy Keener about a project that a few VMware engineers have been working on called Nanosphere. For those of you who could not make the session or attend VMworld this year, here is some additional information about what Project Nanosphere is all about.

Read full article here

It’s Just Another Layer by Ian Koenig – Keynote Day 2 – Herrod and Future of End User Computing

Ian gives a nice incite into the announcement and the game the Premium partners were playing and what charity they were supporting.

Today’s Keynote is all about the End User Computing experience and the Battle of the Platinum partners.

Branch in a box through the View Rapid Deployment Program.   Take an appliance, some configuration and deploy as many workstations as you need.

Read full Article here

Virtualization Journey by Vittorio Viarengo – The VMware Horizon Suite is Here!!!

Vittorio talks about Horizon Suite and it’s release into alpha stages.

As I said before, code rules!!!! Today I am super excited to introduce the alfa release of the VMware Horizon suite, the Platform for Workforce Mobility.

Last year at VMworld, we unveiled our vision for End User Computing and in May we show progress across all axis of that vision, that is Desktop, Apps and Data, by shipping a new version of View, Horizon Application Manager and the beta release of Octopus for secure file syncing and sharing.

Read full article here

That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!

Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Aug 11th 2012

Another great week and blog posts out there. There is so much great content being written each week. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

Wahl Network by Chris Wahl- From The Bad Ideas Department: Unlimited VM Migrations

Chris talks about why using Unlimited VM Migrations is a bad idea for a comparison between Hyper-V and vSphere.

Microsoft has a Server Virtualization Tool website up that allows you to compare the costs of Hyper-V to VMware as a free service. The goal is to understand the cost of running both solutions, so that you can make an informed decision. Simply enter in your total VMs and your CPU-to-VM ratio, and viola! Pricing spits out.

This seems like a rather dubious way to get to the bottom of an environment, as my day job is helping clients do exactly this (and I don’t just ask for VM / core counts and fire off a design). However, one thing continues to catch my eye as a highlighted comparison item on the checklist: VM Migrations

Read the full article here


NTPRO.NL by Eric Sloof-  VMware Community Podcast – Behind the scenes

Join in on the podcast each week? Check out what actually happens during these calls from behind the scenes.

I was able to capture John Troyer and Alex Maier on video during this week's VMware Community Podcast.

Read full article here


VMware End-User Computing Blog by Tina de Benedictis- VMware View Client with Local Mode: Curious about how it works?

I've always had questions about VDI and what happens if you can not connect to the Network. In this article Tina does a great job explaining how Local mode works in VMware View.

Do your virtual desktop users need to disconnect from the network, travel with their laptops, and use their virtual desktops offline? Or do you have a bring-your-own-computer (BYOC) program and want to install a corporate virtual desktop on users’ computers? VMware View Client with Local Mode is the answer for these user scenarios.

Read full article here


Cloud-Buddy by Bilal Hashmi – New Book – Building VMware EUC Solutions with VMware View

Bilal talks about Mike Laverick and Barry Coombs new book on VMware View. The best thing about this is that the authors are giving back to the community! 

I am not a VMware View expert by any means, I have deployed it in small environments but I really havent spent a lot of time with it. Knowing that is an area that I need to spend some time on and considering that much of the world still needs to get  on View, I try to spend some time keeping up with whats happening with View.

Read full Article here


 vExperienced by Edward Grigson – VMworld 2012 – what will we see?

This is a first of many good posts talking about the upcoming conference VMworld. Edward not only talks about the US show but touches on the EMEA side as well.

With VMworld rapidly approaching I’ve been wondering what to expect from this year’s shows in San Francisco and Barcelona. My first thought was ‘not much new’ based on the fact that vSphere5 was released at last years show and products such as vCOPs and vCloud Director have already had major updates recently. Upon reflection however I’ve realised that this year will be no different – trying to keep up with all the announcements, new technology, product launches and social gatherings will be nearly impossible.

Read full article here


That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!

Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Aug 5th 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am Luigi Danakos aka NerdBlurt, I am a vExpert 2012,blogger and social media afficinado. Alex put out a call for some guest bloggers to write here to help keep the great content flowing. So starting this week I will be scouring the Planet V12N blog feed and provided you with my Top 5 recommended blogs to read. So if you think a certain post is worthy of making a write up contact me on twitter.

This is my first week and bear with me while I create a good system to make this flow seamless. I have some huge shoes to fill as I believe Duncan Epping was doing these articles in the past.

So after many hours of reading through some great blog posts here is this weeks Top 5 posts. ( In no particular order)

Tech Head by Simon Seagrave – How to monitor your website or blog 

 In this post Simon talks about the need to utilize an outside source to monitor his blog for up-time. We all know the importance of our sites being available. Simon does a great job describing how he was affected and how he over came that by using the outside source. 

Are you looking for a simple and effective way of monitoring the uptime and responsiveness of your website or blog?  If so, this will be of interest to you.  I’ve been experiencing a few issues with the reliability of this web site recently.  It ends up that it was probably an issue with a memory leak in one of the plug-ins for caching that I used.

 Read the full article here


Around the Storage Block by HP Storage Guest – HP StoreOpen with LTFS for Windows: Making tape as easy to access and share as disk

 In this post you can find out that Tape isn't dead! Companies like HP are still devolping new things to better utilize this old technolgy.  

I’m proud to say that HP Tape’s unique blend of cost-effective, scalable, dependable and removable storage has always delivered proven benefits when it comes to protecting and retaining your data.

However, I’ll admit it:  accessing and sharing files on HP tape in Windows environments has not been as easy as disk. . . until now.

Read the full article here


The Virtualization Practice by Texiwill - Is the Software Defined Data Center the Future?

In this post Edward Haletky talks about the Software defined Data Center, he raises some valid questions. There is also some great insight here and this concept is definetly in the future for all data centers large or small. 

  VMware purchased Nicira, backed the Openflow Community, and is now touting software defined data centers (SDDC).  But what is a software defined datacenter? Is it just virtualization or cloud with a software defined network? Or is it something more than that? Given heavy automation and scripting of most clouds, do we not already have SDDC?

Read full article here


StorageIO by Greg Schulz – Oracle, Xsigo, VMware, Nicira, SDN and IOV: IO IO it's off to work they go

In this post Greg talks about the recent aquistion of Xsigo by Oracle. This has been an interesting last couple of weeks because of VMware and Oracle obtaining IO Virtualization Companies

 In case you missed it, VMware recently announced spending $1.05 billion USD acquiring startup Nicira for their virtualization and software technology that enables software defined networks (SDN). Also last weekOracle was in the news getting its hands slapped by for making misleading advertisement performance claims vs. IBM.

Read full article here


myvirtualcloud.net by Andre Leibovici – VMware Fling Boomerang Now supports PCoip via VMware View

Who doesn't love a good Fling? In this post Andre talks about the Boomerang Fling and how it supports PCoip connection now.

VMware Boomerang is a radically simple client application that allows you to use multiple vSphere servers simultaneously. Simply select “Add a Server…” to connect and login to an ESX server, vCenter server, or View Connection Server and you will be presented with a list of all available virtual machines.

Read full article here


Enjoy the reading and maybe one of these posts will inspire you to write something yourself.