This past week was VMworld US 2012 held out in San Francisco, it was great event and so much great content was written. This insurgence of great posts made it even harder to choose this weeks Top 5. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

vNugglets by Matt Boren – Even Faster PowerCLI Code with Get-View, UpdateViewData() and LinkedViews

The need for speed we all crave is tremendous. Matt talks about how to achieve more speed in some PowerCLI scripts

We are always looking for speed, speed, speed in our PowerShell / PowerCLI scripts.  When properly used, the Get-View cmdlet is known to be far faster than using other PowerCLI cmdlets for getting info (such as Get-VM, Get-VMHost, Get-Datastore, etc.).  It can take quite a bit longer to write a script using Get-View versus using other cmdlets, but the speed payoff is usually well worth the additional upfront time investement.  VMware has provided a way to speed things up even more.

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Virtual BITS & BYTES by Niels Engelen – vSphere Data Recovery (VDR) is dead! Welcome vSphere Data Protection (VDP)!

Niels Engelen discusses the new backup tool vSphere Data Protection. Here Niels gives a nice overview on what it is and some of the benefits.

With the new release on vSphere 5.1 VMware also released a new backup tool called vSphere Data Protection (VDP). This will replace the previous tool called vSphere Data Recovery. With this tool VMware will compete with other third-party software vendors like Veeam and PHD.

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Virtually Ghetto  by William Liam – Project Nanosphere

In this post William talks about one of the #notsupported community presentations, Project Nanosphere.

The #NotSupported event at the VMworld Community Lounge ended with a very special presentation by our very own Randy Keener about a project that a few VMware engineers have been working on called Nanosphere. For those of you who could not make the session or attend VMworld this year, here is some additional information about what Project Nanosphere is all about.

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It’s Just Another Layer by Ian Koenig – Keynote Day 2 – Herrod and Future of End User Computing

Ian gives a nice incite into the announcement and the game the Premium partners were playing and what charity they were supporting.

Today’s Keynote is all about the End User Computing experience and the Battle of the Platinum partners.

Branch in a box through the View Rapid Deployment Program.   Take an appliance, some configuration and deploy as many workstations as you need.

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Virtualization Journey by Vittorio Viarengo – The VMware Horizon Suite is Here!!!

Vittorio talks about Horizon Suite and it’s release into alpha stages.

As I said before, code rules!!!! Today I am super excited to introduce the alfa release of the VMware Horizon suite, the Platform for Workforce Mobility.

Last year at VMworld, we unveiled our vision for End User Computing and in May we show progress across all axis of that vision, that is Desktop, Apps and Data, by shipping a new version of View, Horizon Application Manager and the beta release of Octopus for secure file syncing and sharing.

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That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!